Talbot Hotel Pork was foreign but group say they did not advertise it as Irish

The Talbot Hotel have been in contact with us about the fake food story to put across their side of the story and new light has been thrown upon the facts.

Opinion: Fake Food asks the deeper question are Irish farmers getting enough for our premium produce?

Stuart shares his thoughts on the fake food controversy and how really we need to be asking why our farmers are not getting enough for their products in the first place.

Exclusive: Fake Food hasnt gone away - New revelations over food mislabelling

The mislabelling of meat products has hit the headlines again this week, with pork the latest product under the microscope. We spoke to Shane McAuliffe, member of the IFA Pigs Committee, who gave us an exclusive update on the situation.

A victory in Fake food wars - Lidl under fire

Lidl have come under fire from the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI) in its latest rulings of ads over fish.

Opinion: Do our farming rugby stars know that Aldi’s fake food labelling is damaging Irish farms?

The IRFU & Aldi teamed up in 2016 but with fake food and food mislabelling occurring in the supermarkets stores are our farming rugby stars hurting their fellow farmers by association?

TF Podcast: Fake Food the misleading nature of Irish food labels with Nick Lynch

Its been making headlines on the site for a week we talk with Nicholas Lynch about the problems of Irish food labels and how major supermarkets are ignoring EU law leading to the sale of fake Irish foods. More on this important story here:

Poll: Fake Food and Food mislabelling.

Do you think Irish consumers are having the wool pulled over their eyes when it comes to food labelling? Are we being lied to by Supermarkets? Take our poll and let us know.

Editorial: Fake Food - The misleading mislabelling of Irish food

Editor John Connell takes a look at the misleading labeling around Irish food and the jobs and money its costing.