Opinion: Glyphosate is going to haunt us all for years to come

Stuart shares his thoughts on the glyphosate debate and just why its one of the biggest issues facing Irish farmers good and bad.

Gove warns that UK farmers are 30-40 years away from ‘fundamental eradication of soil fertility’

The UK’s environment secretary Michael Gove has spoken out for the drastic need for the UK’s farmers to tackle the decline in biodiversity and prevent the eradication of soil fertility.

Curlew project in Roscommon reaping big rewards

A Curlew pilot project in Roscommon has been hailed as a big success.

Organic Farming: Dominic Leonard the man for all seasons

In this week's organic farming section we meet Dominic Leonard whose farming cattle, pigs, sheep and just about everything else organically!

Opinion: Its time to ditch the rhetoric and talk about the environment and farming for real

Stuart shares his thoughts on the environmental problems facing farming and just what can really be done.