€600 for 3-month-old calf at Ennis

Trade was strong for both bull and heifer weanling rings, according to a spokesperson.

Store cows an easier trade at Ennis

"Trade was quite steady on the week but some very good quality lots on offer.”

€700 for 7-week-old calf at Ennis

“Trade for bulls was very strong but heifers were a shade easier."

Good demand for stores and forward cattle at Ennis

"Buyers were plentiful with the resurgence of grass growth.”

Up to €680 for young calves at Ennis

There was an improved trade for weanling bulls and heifers.

NI buyers active in cull cow ring at Ennis

“Trade for store heifers was improved slightly."

Top price of €620 for calves at Ennis

There was also a good trade for suckling stock with pairs reaching €1,660 and many lots making upwards of €1,400.

Bulls reach €1,770 at Ennis

Cull cows earned up to €2.17/kg.

2-month-old calf reaches €540 at Ennis

Suckler cows with calves at foot made up to €1770.

NI bidders express interest in culll cows at Ennis

Some “cracking forward heifers” were also met with an excellent trade, according to a mart spokesperson.

Light bull weanlings a ‘stronger’ trade than entries over 400 kg

“The clearance rate is not as high with the online sale as with the traditional sale.”

Cull cows a strong trade at Ennis

A strong entry of aged bulls met a strong trade, according to a spokesperson.

Strong trade for cows at Ennis

Top-quality cows exceeded a price of €2/kg.

Bulls 'very dear' at Ennis Mart

Heifers earned up to €3.09/kg on the day.

Over 40% of culls at Ennis purchased by customers who did not view prior to sale

“It must be said that the online sale proved very popular and both regular and new customers competed very well.”

'Good' entry of store-type culls at Ennis

Cull cows sold from €1.12-€1.95/kg.

Trade stronger at Ennis as buyers 'anxious' to secure cattle

A spokesperson said that the sale "went well" despite Covid-19 restrictions.

Cull cows easier at Ennis in response to reduced factory quotes

“The improvement in the weather meant that there were men anxious for stock.”

Covid-19: Limit of 70 per ring at Ennis

“Farmers are realising that calves have to be at least 3-weeks-old and well-fed.”