BDGP-eligible heifers sell from €700 to €1,480 at Ennis

“Some great prices for top-quality stock. Cull cows met a strong trade especially the beef-type cows."

NI activity at Ennis impacted by currency swings

Trade for store heifers and top-quality cows held “well”, but other categories were back by about €15-€20/hd.

Second-grade weanling heifers a shade easier at Ennis

There was increased farmer activity, according to a spokesperson.

Quality bulls and heifers topping €3.00/kg at Ennis

“The runners could only be described as a great trade, with heifers making to €830 and runner bulls made to €1,040.”

Pair of heifers make €5.47/kg at Ennis Mart

These two heifers, weighing 257kgs, sold for €1,410.

'We had the biggest heifer sale in 10 years'

“Trade holding very steady but fleshed cows not as plentiful. Again, huge online activity for cull cows and interest from the north very strong.”

Lighter lots at Ennis ‘bought potentially’ for Turkey

“Calves were a strong trade with an 11- week-old Charolais bull making €670.”

Cull cows 10-18c/kg dearer than last year at Ennis

“Heifers are running 12-30c/kg dearer than last year, depending on weight.”

€700 for 10-week-old calf at Ennis

“The heifer trade was very strong, especially quality lots. Heifer and bulls were on a par with prices achieved.”

‘Not quite as dear as last week’

"Not as many beef cattle as the last few weeks.”

€2,330 for cull cow at Ennis

"Some cracking heifers on offer which helped to push on some very strong prices also.”

Strong demand for runners at Ennis

“Trade continues to hold very strong in both the bull and heifer weanling rings."

‘The biggest sale in over 20 years’

Lambs averaged €2.39/kg which is running approximately 30c/kg ahead of last year, according to the spokesperson.

Over €3.00/kg for quality weanlings at Ennis’ special sale

Prices “matched the quality” at the mart’s autumn-born weanling sale, according to a spokesperson.

Northern activity for fleshed cull cows at Ennis

"Trade for the storish cow similar to last week."

€600 for 3-month-old calf at Ennis

Trade was strong for both bull and heifer weanling rings, according to a spokesperson.

Store cows an easier trade at Ennis

"Trade was quite steady on the week but some very good quality lots on offer.”

€700 for 7-week-old calf at Ennis

“Trade for bulls was very strong but heifers were a shade easier."

Good demand for stores and forward cattle at Ennis

"Buyers were plentiful with the resurgence of grass growth.”

Up to €680 for young calves at Ennis

There was an improved trade for weanling bulls and heifers.