Strong demand for 300-350kg weanling bulls at Ennis

Farmers, exporters and specialised feeders competed in the weanling bull ring.

Trade finishes on a ‘positive note’ at Ennis

Hoggets met with a steady trade, according to a spokesperson

Heifer trade going from ‘strength to strength’ at Ennis

“Bulls a similar trade to last week but quality more variable in this ring"

Friesian culls ‘beginning to appear in numbers’

A small number of beef cows were offered for sale

Weanling heifers up €20/head at Ennis

Weanling bulls improved by €10/head

Beef cows ‘extremely scarce’ at Ennis

“More bite in the heavy cattle and easier to get up to and over €2/kg"

‘More life to the trade’ at Ennis

Hoggets improved €3 to €5/head, according to a mart spokesperson

Trade ‘generally better’ by €20/head at Ennis

There was more activity in the bull and heifer rings

Average bulls a shade easier at Ennis

“Stock that are not getting some feeding now are beginning to show the effects of the weather.”

Average prices up €30/head at Ennis

“A slightly livelier trade all-round, especially the bullocks 500kgs plus”

‘No shipping activity’ at Ennis

"Mostly store-type calves available - not as much meal feeding being done this year”

€0.60-€0.80/kg for cows ‘out of the parlour’ at Ennis

Poor-quality bullocks and out-of-spec cattle were difficult to sell.

Plain cattle a hard sell at Ennis

Quality lots met a steady trade, according to a spokesperson.

Average prices up €20/head on last week at Ennis

Young continental cull cow suitable for feeding over 3 months met with a “good” trade

Weanling prices €50/head lower than last month

Bulls over 420kgs are a “tough” trade

'Very few' dairy culls at Ennis

Good-quality 2018-born bullocks and heifers held a "very solid trade".

Exporters 'quiet' at Ennis

Strong demand for Charolais and Limousin bull weanlings in the 320-360kg bracket

30-month-old stores a tough trade at Ennis

“The heifer trade was a shade easier, especially for plainer lots"

Exporters not as active as previous weeks at Ennis

“The heifer trade was marginally better which was dominated by farmers.”

Exporters ‘not as active’ at Ennis

"Shippers were not as active as a number of stock didn’t get away last week"