Trade stronger at Ennis as buyers 'anxious' to secure cattle

A spokesperson said that the sale "went well" despite Covid-19 restrictions.

Cull cows easier at Ennis in response to reduced factory quotes

“The improvement in the weather meant that there were men anxious for stock.”

Covid-19: Limit of 70 per ring at Ennis

“Farmers are realising that calves have to be at least 3-weeks-old and well-fed.”

Trade a 'shade easier all-round' at Ennis

"Grass buyers are reluctant to buy due to the severe weather that we have currently.”

Suckler pairs reach €2,620 at Ennis

“Calves, overall, were a good trade with the exception of a few poor Friesians that made from €5-€25."

Prices improve by €20-€30/hd at Ennis

"Forward-type stock were in great demand."

Quality calves up €10-€20/hd at Ennis

Poor calves were a “tough trade as usual”.

Bullocks up €30/hd at Ennis

“Heifers a similar trade and in the cow ring, more of a mix of dairy and continentals and more store-type cows.”

Bullocks back €20/head at Ennis

"Forward-type bullocks were scarce. Some great store heifers about and these were a very strong trade.”

Strong demand for BBX heifers at Ennis

“There was a 98% clearance all-round. Trade could only be described as very good.”

‘Calves need to be up to 3-weeks-old and well-fed to command strong prices’

“Calf numbers slightly smaller than expected with Friesian bull calves making from €40 to €100.”

‘Cracking’ trade for sucklers at Ennis

Heifers improved by €20-€30/head on the previous week.

‘Very strong’ demand in cull cow ring at Ennis

“Trade finished the month on a high but it must be said that quality on offer was very good.”

Weanling heifers back €20/hd at Ennis

Specialised bull finishers were in attendance.

Strong demand for 300-350kg weanling bulls at Ennis

Farmers, exporters and specialised feeders competed in the weanling bull ring.

Trade finishes on a ‘positive note’ at Ennis

Hoggets met with a steady trade, according to a spokesperson

Heifer trade going from ‘strength to strength’ at Ennis

“Bulls a similar trade to last week but quality more variable in this ring"

Friesian culls ‘beginning to appear in numbers’

A small number of beef cows were offered for sale

Weanling heifers up €20/head at Ennis

Weanling bulls improved by €10/head

Beef cows ‘extremely scarce’ at Ennis

“More bite in the heavy cattle and easier to get up to and over €2/kg"