Exporters 'quiet' at Ennis

Strong demand for Charolais and Limousin bull weanlings in the 320-360kg bracket

30-month-old stores a tough trade at Ennis

“The heifer trade was a shade easier, especially for plainer lots"

Exporters not as active as previous weeks at Ennis

“The heifer trade was marginally better which was dominated by farmers.”

Exporters ‘not as active’ at Ennis

"Shippers were not as active as a number of stock didn’t get away last week"

Dairy cull cows appearing at marts

"A big increase in cull cow numbers with 220 on offer"

All farmer activity in heifer ring at Ennis

“Bull weanlings met a strong trade with both shippers and farmers active for these"

Good demand for 320-380kg heifers at Ennis

Farmers and exporters were active for weanling bulls

Bull weanlings over 450kgs a tough trade at Ennis

Up to €4.68/kg was forked out for weanlings

Exporters and farmers active at Ennis

'The best-selling weanlings are bulls 300kgs- 430kgs and heifers 300kgs-400kgs'

Exporters sourcing weanlings for Turkey

Lighter R grade weanling bulls of 250kgs to 320kgs and heavy, plainer-types are sought.

Plainer heifers a shade easier at Ennis

“Heifers 350kgs plus were a strong trade”

More customers for quality bulls at Ennis

‘The heifer trade was livelier than the bull trade on a per kg basis’

'Shipping activity in the bull ring' at Ennis

'The heifer trade is holding firmer than the bull trade'

Tough trade for plainer lots at Ennis

“Trade for the heifer weanlings holding very solid but bulls were a shade easier.”

LM bullock made €2.76/kg at Ennis

CH bull - 1,055kg topped out at €1,800

Farmer driven trade at Ennis

Lambs averaged €2.13/kg while Cull ewes achieved €61 to €120.

Weanling heifers reach €3.46/kg at Ennis

"Trade was very strong with some top-quality stock on offer”

Strong trade for quality bullocks and heifers at Ennis

Exporters and farmers were active in the calf ring