Student update: Missouri, college course and time to find a job!

With plans coming together to venture to a grass-based dairy farm in Missouri, USA for the summer, I am ready to kick the final year exams out of the park, writes Emma McCormack

Opinion: Is it too much to ask for farmers to be paid fairly?

We are being subsidised for falling into categories and boxes, not for farming, writes Emma McCormack who believes subsidies are "a crutch”.

Opinion: Are stock bulls a solid step on the ladder that we cannot do without?

Does the bull still have a place on modern Irish livestock farms, or has AI sailed miles ahead in recent year? – Emma McCormack – a final-year Agriculture student - shares her views.

Opinion: Veganism destroys people’s jobs, careers and hopes

If veganism really and truly was the way forward, there would be more than just 5% of our global population on the bandwagon, writes Emma McCormack.

Student Update: Should we listen to the Vegans?

If Veganism was ever going to work, it would have been a phenomenon centuries ago. Yet, here we are, the human population has evolved on the consumption of meat and it has done no harm, writes Emma McCormack.

Do we really need college to be successful in life?

Without the degree, you cannot be hired realistically, yet it can be tough to justify the time and money going into it, when the system of education only really teaches us to memorise information over a short period of time.

Student Update: Exam Tips

Make a study plan; have a balanced diet; get organised; leave college work in college; worry about yourself and get adequate sleep - here are Emma McCormack's top study tips.

Beef Plan Movement (2018 – 2025)

Farm unions whose sole purpose was to keep the best interests of the farmer in mind, have failed us miserably and our government have let us down and penalised us beyond recovery, writes Emma McCormack.

Student Update: Cows do not worry about what other cows think

Do not be afraid to put yourself out there, as daunting as it may be. Sometimes you have to say what people do not want to hear, but what needs to be said, writes Emma McCormack.

Student Update: Working on a pig farm

Emma returned from her J1 adventures two months ago and began working on a pig farm, despite having no previous experience with pigs.

Top 7 places to take a farmer on a date!

So, where are the best places a farmer can be whisked away on a date, to be properly impressed?

Student Update: A guide to surviving college

“The main thing to remember with college is that it's all going to be worthwhile. Some days it feels like college is just one huge waste of time and money” - Emma McCormack, a final-year Ag student.

Student Update: Another year at the ‘Ploughing'

Emma McCormack reflects on her ‘Ploughing 2018' experience - travelling 6-hours from Waterford to the site; missing lectures and meeting with various companies.

Student Update: Returning to college and selling sheep at the mart

Final-year Agriculture student, Emma McCormack is back with her another submission.

Student Update: Everyone needs a year away - and here’s why

Emma McCormack, a final-year Agriculture student is back with her next update.

Student Update: From skyscrapers to paddocks

Emma McCormack, a final-year Agriculture student is back with her next update to discuss her visits to farms in New York; Connecticut and New Jersey.

Student Update: Is the farm a place for a woman in Ireland?

Emma McCormack, a final-year Agriculture student discusses life as a woman in agriculture and the transfer of family farms.

Student Update: Emma McCormack

Emma McCormack compares the external rotary milking parlour with the conventional herringbone.

Student Update: Emma McCormack

Emma McCormack pursued her studies in the horticultural field and passed her exams, but later withdrew from the course. She worked for the remainder of the year and returned to college to study Agriculture.