Times Past: The 1940’s, the decade Electricity came to Rural Ireland.

On 'Times Past' this week, we look back to when Ireland got its first taste of electricity.

Opinion: An open letter to minister Creed on the need for generators for our power struck dairy farmers

In an open letter to Minister Creed, Stuart gives his opinion on the electricity crisis facing the dairy industry.

Dairy Update: Scheme to help save on energy costs.

A grant has been made available, in a bid to help dairy farmers to reduce their energy Costs.

Poll: North South interconnect are you in favour?

Eirgrid's North-South interconnector has been given the green light by An Bord Pleanála but protesters have vowed to fight on. We want to know your opinion are you in favour of the campaign? Do you think the interconnector is a good idea? Let us know

Machinery Review: The Electric John Deere is here

Watch the latest breakthrough from John Deere, as they unleash SESAM, an environmentally-friendly beast:

299 Pylons get approved despite invading Farmers' Land

The new pylon route will go from Meath to Tyrone, and has been consistently opposed by a campaign group:

Interview: Wind farm opposition in Cork

We meet Nigel De Haas, a retired farmer whose against the development of windfarms in his Cork home.

Real Danger Of Electricity Accidents On Tillage Farms

Electricity is a powerful and versatile source of energy but can be dangerous if not used properly so we all need to make safety a priority on farms