‘There is no point in carrying a ewe that is not delivering a return for you’

It is important to be tough on yourself when assessing ewes post-weaning, writes Edward Earle.

Farmer’s Diary: Weaning, weighing and dosing lambs

It is sad to see that the factories are starting to pull the price as more lambs start coming on stream, but there is nothing new there, writes Edward Earle.

Farmer's Diary: Aiming for better paddock cleanouts

With this rain and warm weather, grass growth should pick up nicely over the next few days, writes Edward Earle.

Farmer's Diary: We are still waiting for rain

As anthelmintic resistance is an ever-growing concern on farms, we need to ensure we are only dosing when necessary, writes Edward Earle.

Farmer's Diary: Taking the first cut of silage

While conditions are great for cutting silage, grazing ground is slow to come back, writes Edward Earle

Farmer's Diary: I was glad to see the rain

Grass growth has noticeably slowed down in the last week, writes Edward Earle.

Farmer's Diary: 'Shearing was different this year with COVID-19'

The most disappointing part of shearing this year is the price of wool, writes Edward Earle.

Farmer's Diary: The importance of cleaning sheds thoroughly

"The amount of dirt and dust that builds up on trusses and timbers after a winter would surprise you."

A full night’s sleep and a recharge of batteries after Lambing 2020

We were fortunate that we caught it early as most times, the first sign of pneumonia in young lambs is a dead lamb, writes Edward Earle.

‘We have to watch our expenses as margins are not there with sheep’

The aim of implementing a paddock system is to use less meal feeding and drive lamb performance from quality grass, writes Edward Earle.

How this farm family lambed 287 ewes in 21 days

Having a good set-up is essential, according to Edward Earle (31).

Young farmer 'enjoying the balance between working and farming'

“It’s a connection that only a farming person can understand; with the land and his or her animals."