ETTG: Golden Goat, Leitrim Flower and tackling wildlife poachers

Cutting the carbon footprint of a beef enterprise and adding value to goats’ milk, running a 12-acre flower farm in Leitrim and training Gardaí to tackle poaching – see more here.

ETTG: Syrian farmers, fitness and lambing

Oliver and Anna Dixon who run their farm with the help of Abdul and Faisal, James Murphy, Michael Glennon, Laura Tully and Martin Greene will appear on tonight's episode.

ETTG: Brexit, a coast guard farmer and artistic dairy farmers

David Crockett, James O’Donnell – a vegetable farmer and coast guard and Marley and PJ Irish who have an artistic side to their dairy farm will feature tonight.

ETTG: Cashel Mart, Beef Plan Group and replacing cows with trees

“We have to stick together, otherwise there’s no future for beef farmers" – beef farmers express their anger at low cattle prices and red tape.

ETTG: Achill Mountain Lamb, growing Wasabi and a new dairy entrant

Tonight's show will feature the Calveys from Co. Mayo who sell lamb all over Europe, 24-year-old Maighréad Barron (new dairy entrant) and chemist Dr.Sean Kitson and his son Zak who grow Wasabi.

ETTG: A cannabis farm, Molaga honey and Cloncannon Biofarm

A dairy farm producing 2-tonnes of honey annually; a man who strives to enhance the natural habitats on his farm and could Irish growers soon have an opportunity to grow cannabis legally?