Droimeann – an ideal breed for conservation grazing

Droimeann cattle will ensure that the meadows at Fernhill Park have a diverse range of plants and are kept chemical-free.

Farmer Focus: Dingle Droimeann

The Long’s family farm is home to various rare breeds including Droimeann and Bó Riabhach cattle and a flock of Herdwick sheep.

Farmer Focus: Tom Keane

Catherina meets Tom Keane who runs one of Ireland’s largest herds of Droimeann cattle in Co. Limerick. Heis also actively involved in the Droimeann Cattle Society.

Weird Cow Breeds: Droimeann- One of Ireland’s rarest cattle breeds

The most famous Droimeann is Big Beartha, who died just months before her 49th birthday, giving birth to 39 calves.

Farmer Focus: Meet Darren McLoughlin -The Archaeologist who is a Bó Riabhach and Droimeann cattle breeder!

Are you familiar with Bó Riabhach and Droimeann cattle? Well this farm is home to two rather interesting rare breeds!

Farmer Focus: Meet James Casey of Cnocnaratha Droimeann

Catherina meets James Casey, a man that has been breeding Droimeann cattle for one decade now.