Quiz: Cull cow prices at Dowra

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Store cows ‘proving harder sold’ at Dowra

“Bullocks and bull weanlings were a quieter trade, expect for a few quality lots”

Plainer lots a harder sell at Dowra

'Another big sale of cattle considering the time of the year, with quality lots holding their own'

Tougher trade at Dowra

'Good quality dry cows were dearer, but plainer lots were less than previous weeks'

Bull weanlings and bullocks a harder sell at Dowra

“Heifer weanlings and store heifers were a very strong trade especially the quality lots”

Plain bull weanlings a hard sell at Dowra

'Trade was reasonable enough for most cattle except for bullocks and very plain bull weanlings'

Easier trade for cattle at Dowra

‘Trade was tougher for most lots except the good quality weanlings and store heifers’

Plainer, overage types a harder sell at Dowra

“Dry cows were back slightly on previous weeks'

Suckler pairings reach €1,700 at Dowra

“Plainer cattle are proving more difficult to sell as the weeks go by;

Dry cows reach €1,540 at Dowra

"The good quality lots were still in demand.”

Suckler pairings reach €2,320 at Dowra

“Trade was similar to previous weeks with plainer cattle proving harder sold."

LMX Heifer weanling - 380kg topped out at €1,000

"Cows met with good demand but at prices that were less than previous weeks"

Heifers top out at €1,470 at Dowra

“Trade was similar to previous weeks with good quality lots meeting keen demand; plainer cattle proved harder sold."

Heifers reach €1,680 at Dowra

Strong demand for quality store heifers and weanling bulls