Over 800 lots on offer at Dowra

"Trade was similar to last week with quality lots very much in demand"

Heifers reach €1,800 at Dowra

“Heavy dry cows remained a sluggish trade but store cows were a sharper trade”

Stickier trade for bull weanlings at Dowra

Heifers and heifer weanlings remained a very strong trade; another large entry of cattle went under the hammer.

Strong farmer demand for forward store bullocks at Dowra

“Another very big sale of cattle met a strong trade for the fancy store heifers and weanling heifers but the bull calves proved harder sold except for a few very fancy lots”

€2,350 for suckler team at Dowra

“The quality lots still very much in demand and more farmers to buy some of the heavier lots”

Out-of-spec cattle harder sold at Dowra

Another large entry of cattle, with a “very strong trade” for quality lots according to a mart spokesperson.

Strong demand for quality bullocks at Dowra

Some “exceptional prices” were recorded for good quality store heifers and weanlings, while weanling bulls were a steady trade. Dry cows were a slightly easier trade.

Strong demand for weanlings and store heifers at Dowra

Heifer weanlings hit €1,280, heifers sold to €1,635, bull weanlings peaked at €1,250, dry cows topped out at €1,600, stock bulls made up to €1,840 and bullocks realised €1,745.

Cull cows sell to €1,590 at Dowra

“Prices improved again all across the board, with quality lots making some exceptional prices. Dry cows also met an improved trade”

Lively trade for quality lots at Dowra

“Plainer lots in all categories proved harder sold, while dry cows also were harder sold, except for a few top beef cows”

€1,730 for cull cow at Dowra

This 825kg CH cull was knocked down at €1,730. “A good show of dry cows saw improved prices for the top-quality lots”

More farmer customers at Dowra

“The quality lots were steady and much similar to last week, with more farmer customers present. Plainer cattle are still proving harder sold”

Improved trade for quality bullocks & bull weanlings at Dowra

“Cattle numbers still remain big but trade was slightly better” Heifers weanlings sold to €1,250 (pictured); dry cows peaked at €1,200 & bullocks made up to €1305.