Horse Guide: A Guide to Sycamore seed Poisoning.

After this year saw the first ever case of sycamore seed poisoning recorded, we give you a guide on signs, treatments and preventatives.

A dog's lick can kill!

It has been reported recently that a dog's lick could in fact prove deadly.

Vets Corner: Photosensitisation in cattle

On this week's Vets Corner, Tommy discusses the problem of Photosensitisation in cattle, Sunlight and sore skin.

Please DO Shoot!

The Irish Natura and Hill Farmers Association reject proposed changes to night time shooting.

Sheep Guide: Pasture Management

In this week’s sheep guide we take a look at pasture management in sheep, and the best ways to get more out of your stock.

TB or not Tb that is the question

I take a look into the creature known as the "curse of farmers", the badger, and whether it holds the sole blame for the spread of TB.