Sheep Guide - Nematodirosis, the causes and how to prevent it

With lambing season in full swing, the tips continue as part of our Weekly Sheep guide. This week, we focus on the severe disease which often results in the death of young lambs, Nematodirosis.

Sheep Guide: Foot-Rot and Scald

In the next of our Sheep Guide, we look at foot-rot and scald, two big causes of lameness:

Sheep Guide: Watery Mouth

Our next Sheep Guide looks at Watery mouth, a contagious disease that affects newborn lambs. It's usually fatal:

Dairy Update: Calf Diseases and how to prevent them

With newborns arriving every day, we give some tips on diseases in calves and how to prevent them.

Dog Guide: Gastric Torsion in your pet.

On this week’s Dog Guide it’s another illness, this time Gastric Torsion.

W.H.O wants major curb on antibiotics on farms

The W.H.O has come out strongly against the overuse of antibiotics on farms globally.

A dog's lick can kill!

It has been reported recently that a dog's lick could in fact prove deadly.

Tractor Run for Meningitis

A tractor run was held in Tipperary this weekend, raising awareness and money for Meningitis.

Sheep Guide: A guide to White Muscle Disease

On this week's Sheep guide we look at White Mouth disease, it's causes and how to prevent it.

Former pet shop worker further compensated

A pet shop worker has received further compensation today for a disease contracted while working in a pet shop.

Sheep Guide: A guide to Johnes disease

On this week's sheep guide, we give the lowdown on the potentially fatal Johnes disease.

BVD eradication programme

Good progress being made in eradicating BVD following the introduction of the National Eradication programme.

How would you get on in the AG Science Examinations?

With the Leaving Cert in full swing take our quiz to see how you would get on if you sat the Ag Science exam.

Vets Corner: Mastitis in the Summer

This week Tommy discusses the problem every farmer has faced at one stage or another, summer mastitis.