Farmer’s Diary: ‘Fleckviehs are something different for me and around here’

I am trying to increase overall milk solids and cow longevity, writes Seamus Considine, who farms 56 cows in partnership with his father.

Farmer’s Diary: Cutting silage in May – a first for us!

It’s like having insurance as I know I have feed now and won’t have to buy in anything if we get an odd summer, writes Christy McCarthy.

Farmer's Diary: Some cutting silage, while we're letting cows in

"We were scanning cows this morning and, overall, we are happy with the results." Christy McCarthy & family farm 55 cows on 60 acres.

Farmer's Diary: Moving back from robotics to a conventional parlour

David McNamee works in a 126 cow high-input, indoor system.

‘I look for the same in both Holsteins and Jerseys’

My objective is to focus on yield, plus conformation and fill the bulk tank with as much quality milk as I can, writes Christy McCarthy.

‘With marts closed, it’s been difficult to move beef calves and cull cows off-farm’

"Butterfat has taken a bit of a dive." Christy McCarthy & family farm 55 cows on 60-acres.

‘Cutting out meal for 13 weeks was a no brainer’

Patrick’s crossbred Jersey cows have been hovering around 12/13-litres the last 3 weeks.

Dairy Update: Grass growth improves, making silage and weaning calves

AI’ing up to five cows per day, dropping buffer feed from diets, starting rotations and more!

Dairy Update: Heavy rainfall and the breeding seasons gets underway

A deluge of rain, re-housing cows, spreading fertiliser, detecting heat, milk prices and more!

Dairy Update: Milk solids production increases and high grass covers

Making silage, selling weanlings, calves grazing a small paddock by day and turning breeding heifers out to grass.

Dairy Update: Making silage, spreading fertiliser and scanning cows

Good ground and weather conditions, high grass covers, turning cattle out, selling bullocks, a clear TB test and more!

Dairy Update: Cattle turnout, calving and high grass covers

Ground conditions are okay but we are using strip wires and not letting cows walk over what has already been grazed, writes Aran Connell.

Dairy Update: Cow roadway maintenance and milk protein percentages are dropping

Cows have not been let out to grass yet due to the unsettled weather conditions; our turnout date is usually March 17th, writes Aran Connell.

Dairy Update: A student on placement and promising calves from high-yielding cows

Cows are remaining indoors, calving continues, plans to offload calves, satisfied with factory returns and unfavourable weather and ground conditions – see more here.

Dairy Update: Slaughtering an empty heifer and calving continues

Cows are going out today, as the last few days were dry, meaning that ground conditions are proving favourable, writes Christy McCarthy.

Dairy Update - Mortellaro outbreak, Calves sold for €200, grass levels discussed and AI to start shortly

Grass levels discussed, calves sold at local marts, AI to commence shortly and dairy and beef-bred calves born, as well as Mortellaro outbreaks. Get it all on this week's Dairy update below!

Dairy Update - Milk Recordings, Slurry, Falling yields, Nutrition and more!

First milk recording of the year, heifers calved, slurry spread, diets formulated, falling yields due to the introduction of heifers to the herd, grass protein levels, OAD milking benefits and more discussed.

Dairy Update - Replacement heifers, further calves and more.

It's the final Dairy Update of January 2019 and this week saw the team discuss replacement heifers, further calving and more. Get it all on this week's Dairy update below.