Dairy Update - Mortellaro outbreak, Calves sold for €200, grass levels discussed and AI to start shortly

Grass levels discussed, calves sold at local marts, AI to commence shortly and dairy and beef-bred calves born, as well as Mortellaro outbreaks. Get it all on this week's Dairy update below!

Dairy Update - Milk Recordings, Slurry, Falling yields, Nutrition and more!

First milk recording of the year, heifers calved, slurry spread, diets formulated, falling yields due to the introduction of heifers to the herd, grass protein levels, OAD milking benefits and more discussed.

Dairy Update - Replacement heifers, further calves and more.

It's the final Dairy Update of January 2019 and this week saw the team discuss replacement heifers, further calving and more. Get it all on this week's Dairy update below.

Dairy Update - Milk Recording, Urea, Milk Fever, OAD, Post-grazing cover and more

Milk Recording, OAD milking, Classifying the herd, milk fever, preparing cows for calving, post-grazing cover, urea and selling calves, it is all discussed on this week's Dairy Update, which you can read below!

Dairy Update - OAD milking, calving, fertiliser, pulliing beet and more.

The benefits of once a day milking are discussed, as new replacements join the milking herd, beet is pulled, fertiliser spread and calving continues.

Dairy Update - Cows dosed, treated for lice and clipped, AI Courses, nutrition and more.

AI course through Macra, Volumes of milk increase but protein levels decline, drying off cows, dosing, clipping lice treatment, nutrition, milk price updates, GDT auction results and more.

Dairy Update - Cows inside full-time, calving cows, dosing and more.

Calving down the first of the herd, leading to better milk yields and solids, with cows now housed inside full-time. Get it all on this week's Dairy Update below!

Dairy Update - Sexed semen, servicing the calf feeder, pre-calving minerals, calves born and more.

First calves born, Low yielding cows taken out of the milking herd, preparation for calving season underway, Body Condition scoring, further fodder beet pulled, servicing the auto calf feeder, sexed semen, pre-calving minerals and more.

Dairy Update - Queen of the land champion, drying off cows, dosing and calving!

Contributor Louise was named this year's Queen of the Land for 2018, while on the farm some cows are now being brought in at night, with beet rations up to 10kgs, more cows dried off, dosing for worms, silage testing and calving commencing.

Dairy Update - New contributor, Queen of the land, drying off, dosing for fluke and more.

New contributor in the shape of Chris McCarthy this week, with cows dried off, teat sealers used, dropping yields, dosing for liver fluke, rumen fluke, worms and preparation for the upcoming Queen of the Land festival.

Dairy Update - Cow production slows, further grass budgets and milk price updates

Milk Price updates, the Macra rally, further grass budgets, cows holding milk production and much more. Get it all on this week's Dairy Update below.

Dairy Update - Cow performance improves with Protein on the rise and beet pulled

Cows are milking much better on the farms of our contributors as of late, though there have been further cases of mastitis affecting SCC, while Grass budgets have also been carried out in preparation for next Spring and fodder beet is to be pulled.

Dairy Update - Increasing rations, cleaning tails and new teat sprayers

Cleaning tails, discussion groups, High SCC's, increasing rations, buffer feeding, teat sprayers and more. Get it all on this week's Dairy Update below!

Dairy Update - Building farm cover, grass budgets, drying off cows and more.

This week sees further grass budgets and milk recordings carried out, the building up of farm cover discussed, final silage cuts taken, slurry spread, fencing finished and drying off cows discussed. Read it all in this week's update below.

Dairy Update - Dropping yields, increasing meal, Scanning cows and drying off

A drop in yields leading to increasing meal fed to cows, remaining silage cuts, scanning cows, high SCC, drying off cows, fertiliser spreading. Read it all on this week's Dairy Update below.

Dairy Update - High SCC's, Clinical Mastitis, building farm cover and more.

The Embrace drive to remember tractor, grass budgets, clinical mastitis, High SCC's, building farm cover, second cuts and more.

Dairy Update - Improved performances and yields, grass allocations and more.

Grass allocation changes lead to a yield and performance increase in Patrick's herd, while he will spread more fertiliser spread and carry out further grass budgets.

Dairy Update - Abortions, Somatic testing, dropping yields, culling cows and more.

Testing somatics, cluster dipping, silage ground growth, selling culls, dropping yields, grass budgets, lack of grass, spreading fertiliser, abortions, restitching and more. Read it all on this week's update below.

Dairy Update - Grass stitching, IBR and BVD vaccines, Milk price increases and more.

IBR and BVD vaccines, rations dropped, Milk price increases, Grass growth returns to West Cork with reseeded fields also making noticeable strides and preparation underway for a third silage cut.

Dairy Update - Grass budgeting, selling cull cows, buying straw and hoping for more rain

Strip-grazing, grass budgeting, purchasing straw, slaughtering cull cows and more.