‘I am happiest in the parlour or sitting behind the wheel of a tractor’

“I would love to stay at home farming full-time, but my mother is encouraging me to go to college first.”

VIDEO: ‘We’ve made around 10,000 silage bales and over 2,000 hay bales so far’

Behind the scenes of Real Grass Milk, a dairy, tillage and pig farm in Germany owned by Galway brothers.

VIDEO: A day in the life of a tenth-generation dairy farmer

Shed demolition, milking, hauling manure, bedding and more…

VIDEO: ‘You can't beat a bit of manual labour’ - young farmer

“When the tractor is gone, a hand scraper is the only thing…”

Galway brothers farming 900 dairy cows in Germany

They have changed the farm from an indoor herd of Holsteins, to an outdoor herd of Jersey and Jersey-crosses.

3 robots and 4 cuts of silage on 160-cow farm

“There is now a plan to shift the calving pattern to having 20 cows per month calving whilst maintaining a break over the summer months.”

'I fear that small-scale suckler farms like my own may become a thing of the past'

Shane Joyce farms 12 suckler cows and 25 ewes with his father and works on a dairy farm.

VIDEO: Milking over 90 cows in 20-unit parlour

“It is a joy milking now, more so than a chore,” says Eddie, who worked as a motor mechanic before becoming a full-time farmer.

VIDEO: Working on a 650-dairy cow farm in New Zealand

"Cows were milked through 50-unit rotary parlour." explains Sarah Davidson

VIDEO: Tour of 35-cow dairy farm

See the farm’s 3-unit milking parlour, stock, outbuildings, machinery and more.

VIDEO: Milking routine in a 3-unit parlour on 30-cow farm

View the process from getting ready to milk right through to when washing.

‘More cows always equals more work, but not necessarily more profit’

Roy McLean farms just under 100 dairy cows with year-round-calving and a zero-grazing system.

VIDEO: Milking 600 cows in Japan

“When we produce 6,000 tonnes, I want to have 8 robots installed."