3 key areas that will affect the profitability of dairy farms in 2020

Research has shown that spring grass is twice as valuable as autumn grass.

Bring milk quality to the highest level

Maintaining and updating parlour and dairy hygiene requires a high-level of ongoing support from your supplier.

Profile: Bavanmore Farm

Bavanmore Farm is home to a high-input 150-cow herd

AgriBiz of the week: Meet the dairy farmer, taking over the Agri-Food sector

In this week’s Agri Biz of the week, we speak to Alan Kingston of Glenilen Farm from Drimoleague, Co. Cork.

Dairy Update: EU processors up prices by 1 cent per litre.

Leading Milk processors in the UK have announced they will increase the prices they pay to suppliers by 1 cent per litre at least.

ICMSA welcome milk price increase

The ICMSA’s Chairperson of the Dairy Committee, Gerald Quain (pictured above), yesterday welcomed the news of Irish processors increasing milk prices for June supplies.