VIDEO: New underpass proving to be time and labour-saving

"Saving on time and labour required each milking and improving farm safety."

Ireland's and the UK's 'first' fully automated dairy farm

John Rafferty, who runs a 150-cow dairy farm, has embraced year-round calving, zero-grazing, robotic milking, automatic feeding and renewable energy.

Switching from 80 sucklers to 150 dairy cows

"I always had a great interest in dairying, and I wanted to stay at home farming." explains 25-year-old Danny O’Brien.

Year-round-calving, new robot milking 2 cows simultaneously and zero-grazing

The 115-strong Popefield Holsteins herd is aiming to achieve 10,000+L/cow and 750kgs MS/cow.

VIDEO: Milking 270 cows yielding 9,000L/year

He farms 270 high-yielding herd of Holstein Friesians with some Jerseys on 470-acres.

VIDEO: Mother and son planning to milk 200 cows

Cows produced an average of 620kgs of milk solids last year.

VIDEO: A day in the life of a tenth-generation dairy farmer

Shed demolition, milking, hauling manure, bedding and more…

VIDEO: ‘You can't beat a bit of manual labour’ - young farmer

“When the tractor is gone, a hand scraper is the only thing…”

VIDEO: Milking over 90 cows in 20-unit parlour

“It is a joy milking now, more so than a chore,” says Eddie, who worked as a motor mechanic before becoming a full-time farmer.

VIDEO: Fitting a new parlour floor

Another update from Anna Truesdale!

Farmer’s Update: ‘I think everyone is thinking, talking and worrying about grass’

“If I fed two bales a day, that would cost me roughly €30/day, whereas an extra 5kgs of meal would cost about €75/day.”

Expanding from 30 cows to 130

“When I took over, I would have never imagined expanding this much.”

VIDEO: A day in the life of a farmer running a robotic milking system

"This is just an honest opinion from a young farmer, enthusiastic about his system."

‘I won’t deny that I had to prove myself twice to many farmers’

"No farmer questions my ability anymore." - Ciara Byers (19), dairy farmer and UCD ag student.