VIDEO: Fitting a new parlour floor

Another update from Anna Truesdale!

Farmer’s Update: ‘I think everyone is thinking, talking and worrying about grass’

“If I fed two bales a day, that would cost me roughly €30/day, whereas an extra 5kgs of meal would cost about €75/day.”

Expanding from 30 cows to 130

“When I took over, I would have never imagined expanding this much.”

VIDEO: A day in the life of a farmer running a robotic milking system

"This is just an honest opinion from a young farmer, enthusiastic about his system."

‘I won’t deny that I had to prove myself twice to many farmers’

"No farmer questions my ability anymore." - Ciara Byers (19), dairy farmer and UCD ag student.

‘Don’t be a busy fool’ – young dairy farmer

Milk solids have increased by 100kgs in 4 years as a result of breeding more efficient cows and grassland management.

‘I don’t have time for a scour outbreak’ - dairy farmer

The Healys are milking 280 cows as part of a grass-based, spring-calving system.

Women in Ag: Maeve Hickey

"I initially started farming through default" - Maeve, dairy farmer

VIDEO: Solar panels on dairy farm in Kilkenny

Solar panels, a zero-grazing system and two Lely Astronauts.

WATCH: Organic dairy farm

“We decided to go into organics back in 2008" - Darren

Using astro turf to improve cow comfort

The walking speed has gone from 3km/hour to 5km/per hour