Young Farmer - David Fitzpatrick

This week’s young farmer is a new entrant into the dairy industry, running a 70-strong milking herd in a farm partnership alongside his uncle in his native Tipperary, Mr. David Fitzpatrick. Read his story in full below!

Dairy Update - OAD milking, calving, fertiliser, pulliing beet and more.

The benefits of once a day milking are discussed, as new replacements join the milking herd, beet is pulled, fertiliser spread and calving continues.

Young Farmer - Michael Ryan

This week’s featured young farmer, Michael Ryan, hails from Lisheen in North Tipperary, where he and his family run a 120-cow milking herd, a herd whose performance helped the family claim second position at the recent National Quality Milk Awards.

Weird Cow Breeds - Piemontese Cattle

Did you know that Piemontese bulls can weigh up to 850kgs? Or that they hail from Italy and were a triple-purpose breed? Learn all about the breed on this week’s Weird Cow Breed feature below!

Dairy Update - New Tractor, Facilities finished, cameras installed and calving to kick off!

A new tractor, cows milking over 37 litres, cows out to grass early, calving due to commence in the coming weeks, new calving facilities and cameras installed and much more. Find out what else happened this week on today's Dairy Update!

Young Farmer - Joe Metcalfe

Based near Dunlavin in Co. Wicklow, Joe Metcalfe is not only a dairy farmer but also runs a beef finishing and tillage enterprise alongside his father. Read his story below on this week’s ‘Young Farmer’ feature.

Young Farmer - Tommy Maunsell

This week’s featured young farmer is 26-years-old, a fourth-generation dairy farmer and has been running the family farm in Co. Kerry for the past four years, Mr, Tommy Maunsell. Tommy now operates a flying herd and milks 55 cows.