WATCH: 'The beef farmer, bit by bit, is being squeezed out of business' - Collins

“The very mention of Brexit a couple of years ago, gave the perfect excuse, for the factories to cut the prices"

"Potential carbon tax increase will cripple ordinary people" - Fitzmaurice

Farmers would, for example, see the cost of making a bale of silage increase by €1.

Poll: Do you want to see a General election?

With the Government under fire do you want to see a General Election? Take our poll and let us know.

Carthy slams Fianna Fáil support of EU trade deals

Sinn Féin MEP, Matt Carthy, has slammed Fianna Fáil for their support of ‘dangerous’ EU trade deals.

Creed retains position as Minister for Agriculture

Leo Varadkar was signed in as Taoiseach today and commenced with his cabinet reshuffle.

Dáil motion welcomed by ICSA rural Development Chairman

The chairman of the ICSA rural development, Seamus Sherlock, has welcomed the news of a Dáil motion being brought forward by Rural Independents Group.

Frack Off!

It has been announced that today’s meeting of the Dáil will see the implementing of a bill to ban fracking.

TF Podcast: Pat Deering TD 'East is the way to go for Irish Agri produce'

Pat Deering Chairman of the Dail Agriculture Committee joins us to talk about that Brexit report and the need to secure new markets for Irish produce.