Weird Cow Breeds - Icelandic cattle

A breed of cattle which hails from Iceland and thought to be related in some way to the extremely rare, native Irish breed, An Bó Riabhach. Read all about Icelandic cattle below.

The story of Blue Bell, Ireland's oldest cow?

We brought you the story last week of Ireland's oldest cow at 32, check out the video below and get the story first hand as we met Bluebell's loving owner.

Cow strangled to death in mysterious attack

A cow has been strangled overnight on a farm of a well known farmer in Co. Meath in a horrific attack.

Breaking: Woman killed in accident with cow

A woman in county Armagh has been killed following an incident with a cow.

Ireland's oldest cow?

Meet one of Ireland's oldest if not the oldest cow in the country!

Thats Farming Best of the Week June

Check out these hilarious videos and pictures we got in this week!

Is it a Tiger? Is it a Rhino?Surely its not a cow!

We got this funny video sent into us from Ailish Powell on our snapchat, Have you ever heard the likes!

10 ways you can tell you were a cow in your past life.

Find out the ten different ways you can tell that maybe you were a cow in a former life.

Friday Funnies

This week we received loads of funny pictures and videos. Check out some of the top ones sent in this week.

We received this hilarious video this week.

We received this in from Jamesie Donnelly on Facebook....Hilarious to say the least!