WATCH - Introducing the Cormac Tagging Tissue Sample Wristband

Have you heard about the Tissue Sample Wristband from Cormac Tagging? Watch the video or read the article below to find out all you need to know.

Poll: Cormac Tagging edge past Mullinahone to become farmers preferred choice for tag supplier

The plucky and brave Cormac Tagging have edged past Mullinahone in a That's Farming poll on what tags farmers will choose this calving season.

Video: Tagging made easy with Cormac Tagging

Ireland's newest cattle tag suppliers Cormac Tagging have entered the market with a bang. Here we find out why their unique caisley tag works so well.

A victory for the little guy: Cormac tagging approved

Cormac Tagging have been approved by the Department of Agriculture to sell their tags to the Irish market.

Éamon Ó Cuív: ‘The Department's tagging tender was illegal’

The TD has called the Department of Agriculture's tagging tender process illegal.

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong; the department and the Cattle tag 'monolopy'

Another roadblock in cattle tag approval means Cormac Tagging still can’t sell their tags despite their initial approval this week and has raised serious questions around the implementation of competition law regarding the cattle tagging contract.

Cormac Tagging Becomes 2nd Approved Supplier of Cattle Tags

Cormac Tagging Ltd have become the 2nd company to be given approval for the supply of cattle tags.

The cattle Tag saga is nearing an end

The first approved companies for the new cattle tag system have been announced.