Beef Roundup: The importance of Fertilizer

Cormac is back with Beef Roundup and this week he is looking at that all important job; fertilizing.

Beef Roundup: Who dares to speak of GLAS 3

Dare we speak of GLAS? Cormac Duffy takes a look at GLAS 3 and just what needs to be done.

Beef Roundup: Getting ready for your stock turnout

Believe it or not it will soon be time to let stock out. In this week's Beef Roundup Cormac takes us through a quick check list for the big day.

Beef Roundup: Rearing dairy calves for beef

Cormac Duffy is back with our popular feature and this week he's taking a look at a topical issue raising dairy calves for beef. Can it be done?

Beef Roundup: Reseeding to help benefit your beef enterprise

Cormac Duffy is reseeding ground at the moment and this week he takes a look at just why its so important an operation on your suckler farm.

Beef Roundup: Managing silage quality & quantity

Cormac Duffy is back with the popular beef roundup series. This week how to manage and grade your silage to last you through the rest of the winter.

Beef Roundup: Optimal feeding for ideal Body Scoring

In the final addition of 2016’s Beef roundup Cormac Duffy has all you need to know in order to feed your suckler cows correctly, based on her body condition scoring on the run up to this calving season.

Beef Roundup: Top tips for Herd Health

In the third installment of the Beef Roundup, we give you all the information you need for a happy and healthy herd.