Junior Farmers: Meet Matthew the 5th generation dairy farmer from Cork

16 year old Matthew loves helping out at home and plans to expand his families dairy farm to 110 cows in the near future.

Video: Witness an amazing natural wonder in Cork

An amazing natural wonder has been recorded in West Cork by Birdwatch Ireland.

Young Farmer: Patrick Mc Carthy

Cork native Patrick McCarthy has been running the family farm for over 13 years now, since taking the reigns from his father back in 2004.

Farmer Focus: Meet John Paul & Noreen O' Callaghan of Cois Laoi Speckle Park!

Catherina meets John Paul and Noreen O' Callaghan who are breeding Speckle Park for half a decade now!

Horse Breeder of the Week: Meet the family behind the Rathbarry & Glenview Studs

Catherina speaks to Catherine Cashman, one of the owners of the Cork based prestigious stud farms.

Cork City to host Eurpoean Maritime Day 2020

Minister Michael Creed has announced that Cork City has been chosen to host the European Maritime day for 2020.

Not Fun-gi!

A social media campaign has begun after The body of a dolphin has been found near student accommodation in Cork.

€2m Fish Pass needed in Fermoy to save Blackwater Salmon

Tom Jordan reports on the problems facing salmon in Cork's Blackwater river.

Interview: Wind farm opposition in Cork

We meet Nigel De Haas, a retired farmer whose against the development of windfarms in his Cork home.