Farmer’s Diary: Well, how about that weather then?

I was right in thinking the rain just wouldn’t know when to leave and I’m sure, like me, we could all do with a wee break from it, writes Clodagh Hughes.

Farmer’s Diary: I can actually hear the grass growing…

I’m delighted with the rain we’ve had here in the north-east, but sometimes you get the impression it just might not know when to leave again, writes Clodagh Hughes.

Farmer's Diary: When the littlest lamb met the biggest horse

I’m always amazed at how most animals will find a way to live harmoniously among each other, writes Clodagh Hughes

Farmer's Diary: Every farm needs a horse - especially this one

As if grass cover wasn’t scarce enough, I go and get myself a horse, writes Clodagh Hughes.

Farmer’s Diary: So much wool! What am I going to do?

Conditions are perfect to try-out a natural method of washing the raw wool that I have been researching called the suint fermentation method, writes Clodagh Hughes.

Farmer's Diary: A shearing we shall go!

It’ll cost way more to shear the sheep than their actual fleece is worth, writes Clodagh Hughes.

Farmer’s Diary: 'There are no 2 days the same in farming!'

Some losses in farming are expected and you must be able to deal with them or you will never carry on, writes Clodagh Hughes.

‘In the case of sheep…bigger is better, if you want to make a living from it’

The only sensible solution is to get more sheep, writes Clodagh Hughes.

Farmer's Diary: Greetings from the sheep shed

This means less workload for me and VERY importantly, less expense on my pocket, writes Clodagh Hughes.

VIDEO: Watch out the vaccinator is in town!

We need rain…because the grass is not growing, writes sheep farmer, Clodagh Hughes.

VIDEO: Farmer’s Diary: Stand back - She’s gonna blow…

I noticed a ewe lamb very bloated on both sides - you’d think she swallowed a football, writes Clodagh Hughes.

‘It can’t all be about cute lambs and sunny spring days!’

“Nature can be such a cruel mistress at times.” – Clodagh Hughes, sheep farmer.

Farmer's Diary: 'I’m kicking myself I didn’t act sooner'

Clodagh Hughes is our newest contributor!

Women in Ag: Clodagh Hughes

Life after an accident - Clodagh was unable to resume her career as a chef so she became a sheep farmer!