Feed truck running on manure!

The first in the world; Cows are being fed by a truck that is powered on their waste.

Weekend Weather Report: Mixed Weekend ahead

Mixed weather ahead for the weekend, with some rain in places.

Weekend Weather

Patches of rain and drizzle throughout the weekend, with some bright spells on Saturday.

Weekend Weather report

Sunny spells to develop as the weekend progresses, potentially up to 24 degrees in temperature on Saturday.

Weekly Weather Report

This week will start off with sunny spells and the occasional showers.

Weekend weather report

Dry weekend to start, with the odd shower expected, before becoming wet and blustery.

Heard of LULUCF? It's going to change forestry and farming in Ireland

Tom Jordan reports from the LULUCF conference which took place in Brussels yesterday organised by MEP Luke 'Ming' Flanagan on the future of land and forestry use.

Sunday Feature: Sustainable Agriculture is the Only Future

We are permanently changing the make-up of our planet - Climate Change is taking effect much sooner than expected! It's our Sunday Feature!

Will Chemicals reduce our Yield?

As agri-chemicals are used more and more, will this have an effect on our long-term output?

Climate Leadership Corps in the Philippines - Anika Molesworth’s View

That’s Farming Journalist Catherina Cunnane caught up with Anika Molesworth, who recently visited the Philippines.