Dairy Update: Making silage, spreading fertiliser and scanning cows

Good ground and weather conditions, high grass covers, turning cattle out, selling bullocks, a clear TB test and more!

Dairy Update: A student on placement and promising calves from high-yielding cows

Cows are remaining indoors, calving continues, plans to offload calves, satisfied with factory returns and unfavourable weather and ground conditions – see more here.

Dairy Update: Slaughtering an empty heifer and calving continues

Cows are going out today, as the last few days were dry, meaning that ground conditions are proving favourable, writes Christy McCarthy.

Dairy Update: Calving, AI and switching to baled silage

Calving is winding down on Christy's farm, with five calves born this week - one Holstein bull and four sired by beef bulls. The breeding season is going well, with heifers being Ai'd to KYA this week - see more here.