Farmers Music Playlist Xmas hits

It's Christmas and we are in the mood for some classic Xmas songs. Sit back and relax.

Characters you’ll meet this Christmas!

From the mart maniacs to the sales reps, here are some of the characters that may turn up at your farm gate this Christmas!

5 Myths that people think about farmers at Christmas

We never leave the farm for the entire Christmas? We don't receive gifts! Check out this week's myths!

Times Past - Buying a turkey for Christmas, forty years ago!

This week we go back to the 70’s and learn all about buying Turkeys.

Farmers Music Playlist: Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming and we are starting to slowly get in the mood with these classics.

Common Myths that people think about farmers at Christmas

Yeah we know its literally only the 2nd of December but you know what we don’t care. Read the myths and enjoy them. Sure Christmas FM is on the radio again its ok!

Christmas is coming at Ballybryan Turkey Farm

Christmas is fast approaching and we caught up with Turkey farmers Ger and Paula Lalor as they prepare for the big day.

Sunday Feature: Christmas Long Ago

As you celebrate Christmas today, let us take you back to the 25th December in rural Ireland, long ago: