Sunday Feature: UN Human Rights Report - Agrochemicals undermining food security

Sunday Feature: UN Human Rights Report says agrochemicals are undermining food security. We must learn to farm without them, and soon.

Sunday Feature: Safety of Glyphosate is still in doubt, despite ECHA findings

Tom Jordan shares his thoughts on the latest glyphosate ruling and what it really means.

Department in hot water over lobbying role on glyphosate ban

Some excellent investigative journalism from the Irish Examiner has uncovered further revelations in relation to lobbying made by glyphosate industry to Department of Agriculture.

Sunday Feature: The Mounting Cost of Farm Chemicals to Public Health

Traces of farm chemicals make their way into our food and drinking water - What is the cost of Farm Chemicals to our Health? Tom Jordan takes a look!

Weed killer in breast milk: The dangers of spraying off our crops and the potential health time bomb

That’s Farming investigates the common practice of spraying off tillage crops with herbicide and what the long term implications could be.

Banning Chemicals: Scientists Debate Europe's Precautionary Principle

Two scientists with differing views of European safety procedures took part in a discussion on the subject.