Bullocks up to €1,700 in Roscommon

A good sale in Roscommon on Friday last, with bullock averages up to €2.68 per kg.

Bullocks up to €1,795 in Balla

Good sale in Balla last Saturday, with a lot of heavy cattle on offer.

Dry cows make up to €1345 in Roscommon

Smaller number of lots on offer in Roscommon last week as only two heifers went unsold.

Video: Mart Report From Castlerea - Bullocks make up to €1715

There was a huge sale in Castlerea today, with a very high number of cattle on offer and the That's Farming team were there to bring you our weekly video report.

Bullocks make up to €1320 in Roscommon Mart

Trade remained similar to last week in Roscommon's cattle sale last Friday, as Dry cows made up to tops of €1,520.

Bullocks make up to €1,915 in Ennis

Good entry of cattle in Ennis last Thursday the 20th of July, with great quality on offer.

Suckler cows with calves at foot make up to €1820 at Maam Cross Mart

Small showing this week in Maam Cross this week, as heifers made up to €3.22 per kg.

Heavy cows make up to €1,58o in Ballymote Mart

Large sale in Ballymote on Thursday gone, as hogget's made up to €160 a head.

Tops of €1,840 for bullock in Headford mart july 22nd

Great sale in Headford today as bullocks made up to tops of €1,840.

Ballymahon Mart Market report

Good trade in Ballymahon on the 13th of July, with Light heifers making up to €3.21 per kg.

Headford Mart cattle and sheep sale

Bullocks make up to €1,110 in Headford mart yesterday July 15th.

Tullow Mart Cattle sale July 14th

Good lively trade in Tullow Mart on Friday, with over 200 head on cattle head on offer.

Headford Market Report

Another good days trading in Headford as Bullocks make up to tops of E1,880.

Ballymahon Cattle auction Mart report

Another good sale in Ballymahon on Thursday the 6th, as heifers make up to tops of E3.11 p/kg.