Weanlings prices up €50/head on last year at Kilrush

“The heifer weanlings met a very solid trade, but some lovely stock in the heifer ring.”

Little change in trade at Blessington

Bullocks reached €880 over, while heifers topped out at €785 over and cows hit €420 over.

Weanling heifers reach €6.00/kg at Elphin

The sale-topper came in the form of a Limousin, weighing 400kgs, which made €2,400.

€590 for 1-month-old Charolais calf at Ennis

“Trade in the bulls was a shade easier but quality lots are holding a fine price, especially the lighter lots.”

‘The yard of weanlings was a credit to farmers in North Clare’

A “cracking” trade was reported as lots sold for up to €3.56/kg.

‘Online bidders are keeping buyers ringside on their toes’

“While the situation ringside remains very different from what we are used to, everyone seems to be getting used to the ‘new normal’.”

Up to €4.98/kg for weanlings at Headford

The sale-topper, a second prize-winner, came in the form of a LMX, weighing 275kg.

Strong demand for quality at Ballinasloe

Bullocks ranged from €2.21-€2.88/kg, while heifers sold from €2.18/kg-€2.96/kg and cull cows went under the hammer from €700-€1,620.

NI activity at Ennis impacted by currency swings

Trade for store heifers and top-quality cows held “well”, but other categories were back by about €15-€20/hd.

Demand remains strongest for light weanlings at Castlerea

Exporters were "very active", according to Egan.

Trade remains lively at Raphoe

Strong demand for quality in-spec cattle continued, according to Harkin.

Trade holds steady across the board at Blessington

A larger entry went under the hammer with up to €880 over for bullocks and €780 over for heifers.

Heifers reach €1,750 at Gortatlea

Weanling bulls topped out at €3.59/kg, while weanling heifers followed at €2.99/kg.

€2,350 for Charolais-cross heifer at Elphin

Several heifers made over €1,600 - sample prices can be found here.

Lighter weanlings selling best at Loughrea

“Nice quality bulls and heifers are making very good money with lighter ones selling best.”

Second-grade weanling heifers a shade easier at Ennis

There was increased farmer activity, according to a spokesperson.

Weanlings ‘through the roof’ at Kanturk with up to €3.71/kg paid

“A 10-month-old Charolais weanling heifer made just over €3.60/kg.”

‘Remarkable’ trade for weanlings at Headford

Weanlings sold from €1.86-€3.39/kg, according to Wynne.

Weanlings reach €4.33/kg at Ballinasloe

A Belgian Blue, weighing 245kg, sold for €1,060.