Tuesday Quiz: Are you a Red Angus expert?

It's Tuesday so its Quiz time. This week the Red Angus, are you an expert? Take the quiz and let us know.

Tuesday Quiz: Are you a Speckle Park expert?

It's Tuesday so that means one thing! Quiz time. This week another rare breed special; Speckle Park. Are you an expert? Take the quiz and let us know.

10 ways you can tell you’re a cattle breeder!

Do you own piles of AI catalogues? Attend every cattle sale? Familiar with €uro-star ratings? Check out this week’s 10 ways you can tell!

Weird Cow Breeds: Afrikaner- A breed with some of the first recorded herds dating back to the 15th century!

Are you familiar with this old South African breed? Would they be suitable for Irish soil?

Weird cow breeds from around the world: The mighty Gaur

We profile one of the rarest bovine species in the world, the Gaur. 

Personality Quiz: Which cow breed best suits you??

Find out which cow breed best suits your personality with this nifty little quiz.

It remains to be seen how well you know the Limousin!

Are you a Limousine know-it all? Take our quiz and find out!

Just a minute Quiz Farming style!

1 minute to name Ireland's most popular cattle breeds. Can you do it? Its no that big of a list give it a go!