Ways you can tell you're a Parthenaise breeder

You have travelled to France - ‘the home of the Parthenaise’, every animal on your farm carries PT blood and you know the AI codes of all PT sires.

Ways you can tell you're a Speckle Park breeder

You know the AI code of every single Speckle Park bull; you believe there’s nothing like this “balanced breed with a colour bonus” and you’re interested in exploring various SP colour patterns.

Horse Breeder of the Week: Meet Lorcan Glynn – A 20 year-old Horse Breeder making waves in Co. Roscommon.

Catherina meets Lorcan Glynn, a third generation horse and cattle breeder who is studying an Agricultural degree in G.M.I.T/ Mountbellew.

Farmer Focus: One Wexford breeder is venturing into pastures new with a pedigree herd of Polled Herefords

John Murphy doesn’t come from a farming background, but he is breeding quality cattle with a difference, using genetics from Northern Ireland and Australia.

10 ways you can tell you’re a cattle breeder!

Do you own piles of AI catalogues? Attend every cattle sale? Familiar with €uro-star ratings? Check out this week’s 10 ways you can tell!

Farmer Focus: Meet Darren McLoughlin -The Archaeologist who is a Bó Riabhach and Droimeann cattle breeder!

Are you familiar with Bó Riabhach and Droimeann cattle? Well this farm is home to two rather interesting rare breeds!

Farmer Focus: Meet John Paul & Noreen O' Callaghan of Cois Laoi Speckle Park!

Catherina meets John Paul and Noreen O' Callaghan who are breeding Speckle Park for half a decade now!

Farmer Focus: Meet Colin Duffy of Kilgarvin Angus!

Catherina speaks to Colin Duffy, a breeder of Aberdeen Angus cattle for a decade now.