PHOTOS: Farmer welcomes quintuplet lambs

“As I only had 23 ewes this year, those odds seem quite impressive!”

Milking over 290 Irish-bred cows in Devon

“We farmed 1,000 sheep and 500 head of cattle for years,” – Elizabeth

Promoting positivity, learning and well-being in veterinary and agriculture

The new podcast series will discuss "all the weird, wonderful and sometimes bizarre antics that go on in veterinary life and on the farm".

PHOTOS: ‘Roan heifers seem to be topping all the sales’

Want to breed top-end weanlings, fatstock show cattle or “flashy” breeding heifers?

Chat-up lines you’ll hear at the mart

"I’ll buy you a drink when I see you out, instead of giving you a luck-penny."

'Charolais cattle are leaders in mart rings'

Cathal Gormely's grandfather began breeding Charolais cattle in 1985.

Ireland’s Vets: Hazell Mullins

“The best thing about being a large animal vet is the variety of the day,"

‘Some people say we wouldn’t be Dalys if we weren’t dealing’

The Dalys are currently supplying between 4,000-4,500 cattle and calves annually.

Women in Ag: Emily McAllister

“I would never turn down a good run around the shops or getting the nails done!” – Emily, a civil engineering student & farmer.

Behind the Lens: Westmeath Agri Photography

17-year-old Caolain Gammell is the man behind Westmeath Agri Photography.

‘I purchased my first ever suck calf with my Communion money’

The 22-year-old student rents a 40-acre farm and has her own herd of pedigree Hereford and Angus cattle.

‘Don’t be a busy fool’ – young dairy farmer

Milk solids have increased by 100kgs in 4 years as a result of breeding more efficient cows and grassland management.

Women in Ag: Sarah Devlin-Stafford

Sarah describes herself as “your leading lady in livestock”.

Women in Ag: Olivia Holt

‘I knew deep down farming is what I am meant to be doing’ - Olivia (24), a law graduate, blogger, beef farmer and relief milker.

VIDEO: Grip a bale at any angle!

Offload a 14-bale trailer in less than 3 minutes without damaging plastic wrap!

'The proposal was definitely one-of-a-kind’

Jamie spray-painted the big question on two Jerseys that he bought Claire for her 18th birthday.

How farming and Macra gave Grace a second chance at life

“My life was upside down for a long time" - 25-year-old Grace, a beauty therapist in wellies