26-year-old invents safety device for agricultural machinery

It is aimed at pedestrian detection on farms when machinery is in use.

Women in Ag: Alice Hodges

'Some employers have treated me differently simply because I’m a woman'

Women in Ag: Victoria Barkley

“I have surprised farmers with the tractor and cattle work I can do' - Victoria (23)

Life as a vet in Uganda

‘We bring animals to the local human hospital at night to use their X-ray machine’ – Jane, Belfast

Women in Ag: Sinéad Walsh

Sinéad (21) wanted to be a nurse but is now a dairy farm manager

Profile: Bavanmore Farm

Bavanmore Farm is home to a high-input 150-cow herd

Women in Ag: Clodagh Hughes

Life after an accident - Clodagh was unable to resume her career as a chef so she became a sheep farmer!

Women in Ag: Sarah O’Meara

‘I still see a future for the beef industry’ – Sarah (23) – a suckler farmer - works for ABP Group

Student Focus: Siobhán Regan

Siobhán (28) - who studies Vet Med in Budapest - took the scenic route to her desired career path

Mayo Mules are ticking all the boxes for this farmer

'Over the last number of years, we have had a scanning rate of approximately 2 lambs per ewe'

Women in Ag: Aoife Doyle-O'Rourke

'Teaching went totally out of my head' - Aoife - a new dairy entrant

Profile: Rachel O'Hanlon

'I am passionate about all things cows' - Rachel - a student, suckler farmer & truck enthusiast

Farmer Focus: JADAM Angus

'“I’m not a believer in going down the 1% calving route'

Student Focus: Rebecca O’ Brien

'I actually am vegan' - Rebecca (24) - a Veterinary Medicine student at UCD.

Women in Ag: Thenia Nicolakis

‘I was working a 9-5 job, living by the beach and the city was just a stone’s throw away’ - Thenia swapped swimmers for wellies

Farmer Focus: Kye Herefords

'People go to football; we go to shows,' - Padraig McGrath

Women in Ag: Aedín Quirke

“I didn't even know how to milk a cow,' - Aedín (23)

Student Focus: Rachel Moloney

‘I was dropped in the middle of nowhere with 5,000 cows' - Rachel (22), an Animal Science student.

Farmer Focus: Mullanlary Herd

‘I couldn’t sit at a desk from 9-5’– Julie (30) – a dairy farmer

Women in Ag: Amanda O'Donnell

‘I don't think that my interest in farming will ever leave me’ - Amanda - an Early Childhood Care and Education graduate