Student Focus: Rebecca O’ Brien

'I actually am vegan' - Rebecca (24) - a Veterinary Medicine student at UCD.

Women in Ag: Thenia Nicolakis

‘I was working a 9-5 job, living by the beach and the city was just a stone’s throw away’ - Thenia swapped swimmers for wellies

Farmer Focus: Kye Herefords

'People go to football; we go to shows,' - Padraig McGrath

Women in Ag: Aedín Quirke

“I didn't even know how to milk a cow,' - Aedín (23)

Student Focus: Rachel Moloney

‘I was dropped in the middle of nowhere with 5,000 cows!” - Rachel (22), an Animal Science student.

Farmer Focus: Mullanlary Herd

‘I couldn’t sit at a desk from 9-5’– Julie (30) – a dairy farmer

Women in Ag: Amanda O'Donnell

‘I don't think that my interest in farming will ever leave me’ - Amanda - an Early Childhood Care and Education graduate

'I have been involved with the breed from a young age'

Niall Lynch has been appointed as the Aberdeen-Angus YDP co-ordinator for Ireland.

Farmer Focus: Ravelglen Irish Moiled Cattle

Brian O’Kane runs a herd of pedigree Irish Moileds and a bespoke kitchen and furniture outlet.

Feature: Robert Gamble

‘My grandfather was the first person to bring Texels into Northern Ireland’ – Robert (22) runs a suckler & sheep enterprise with his father

Farmer Focus: Knottown Salers

The herd had a calf production figure of 102 (calves per 100 cows) and a calving interval of 366 days in 2018.

Student Focus: Rachel Connolly

“I like how fast-paced farming can be at times” - Rachel Connolly (20) studies ag science and farms a flock of sheep

Women in Ag: Alison Beattie

"I cut out the middle man and here we are eight years later," – Alison of Farm Wardrobe

Farmer Focus: Coolermoney Herd

The Parkes strive to breed uniform cattle, combining the attributes of the modern and traditional Aberdeen Angus.

Women in Ag: Naomi McCloy

“Never give up on your dream” – Naomi (21) is a veterinary receptionist and a 3rd-generation beef, sheep & dairy farmer.

Student Focus: Francis Hand

Francis Hand is a second-generation dairy farmer, UCD ACP graduate and Masters student at Harper Adams University.

Farmer Focus: Drumscar Dairies

Johnathan Cormican - a qualified aircraft mechanic - milks 84 cows in partnership with his father

Feature: Ryan Lavery

Ryan had the Guinness World Record for the world's shortest bull back in 2014

WATCH: Derrymullen Farm

52 breeding females calves in 7-weeks this year

Women in Ag: Emma Wharton

“When I tell people I’m a sheep farmer, they sometimes have to do a double take,” – Emma Wharton (29)