Improved trade for better-quality heifers at Castlerea

In the weanling rings, demand was strongest for quality lots

Renewed interest in breeding stock at Castlerea

“Variance still exists between the quality calves and the plainer-type lots” – Egan

Heifers for further feeding in demand at Castlerea

“The weanling bull trade is dominated by export trade with farmers competing at the ringside"

Strong demand for Belgian Blue weanlings at Castlerea

“Sellers went home satisfied with a good trade prevailing" - Egan

“Top-quality bulls making as high as €4.00/kg' at Castlerea

“It was refreshing to see such good demand on offer and gives a welcome boost to the suckler sector" - Egan

Good demand for stores despite ‘pressure on beef prices’

Exporters were active in Castlerea, especially for lighter calves

Numbers continue to increase at Castlerea

“Trade and prices were similar to previous weeks with prices remaining steady"

Strong export demand at Castlerea

Forward, plainer-type lots were a tougher trade

‘Weanling numbers are starting to increase’

A larger entry on offer due to the recent inclement weather conditions

Steady trade for quality stores at Castlerea

More activity in weanling rings, according to Egan

Suckler pairings hit €1,710 at Castlerea

'With all the unrest in the last number of weeks in the farming sector, a good clearance was reported'

Improved trade for younger stores at Castlerea

“Trade and prices for the forward cattle were reflective of the current beef prices”

Suckler pairings hit €1,910 at Castlerea

'Both the bullock and heifer rings recorded good clearances with some fancy prices paid for quality lots'

Calves sell from €40 to €280 at Castlerea

"Despite all the disquiet about Brexit, Mercosur and beef prices, trade, in general, held up well”

400 lots were on offer at Castlerea

Cows with calves at foot topped out at €1970

Demand remains strong for quality stores at Castlerea

“The cow trade reported a good clearance while breeding stock attracted a lot of interest and calves and runners were a good trade also,"

Improved trade for lighter stores at Castlerea

“The cow trade has remained firm while the weanling rings reported a good clearance.”

‘All categories of stock met with good demand’ – Egan

“Trade held well despite the recent downturn in weather.”