Demand remains strongest for light weanlings at Castlerea

Exporters were "very active", according to Egan.

Suckler pairs reach €2,400 at Castlerea

“Demand for stock remains strong as we head into the peak autumn sales.” said Egan, who reported strong farmer activity.

Up to €3.59/kg for weanlings at Castlerea with strong export demand

“Increased numbers of runners met a flier of a trade with farmers anxious to replace sold lots.”

Some plainer lots slightly easier at Castlerea

“Runners and weanlings were a very lively trade as farmers were out in force trying to source stock.”

Feedlot buyers and farmers seeking quality stores at Castlerea

"Runners reported an excellent trade this week as farmers continue to source stock,"

Weanling trade starts on a 'bright note’ at Castlerea

Bullocks, in particular, were a “very lively” trade with the top-quality stores making some “very fancy prices”, according to Egan.

Strong demand for forward store bullocks at Castlerea

Online and ringside bidders were active, according to mart manager, Brendan Egan.

Quality the ‘driving force’ behind prices at Castlerea

“A good attendance of buyers present trying to source stock for further feeding.”

Lighter stores highly sought after at Castlerea

Prices for dry cow trade were on-par with last week, according to Egan.

Bullocks and heifers 'continue on an upward curve' at Castlerea

“Buyers were present to source stores and with northern buyers and exporters present, a good clearance took place.”

Lighter store cattle increase in price at Castlerea

Quality store bullocks and heifers have noticed a price improvement, Egan said.

Northern activity boosts prices at Castlerea

“A firm trade was reported with smaller stock and forward stores especially in strong demand this week, aided by grass growth and northern demand.”

Suckler pairs climb to €2,200 at Castlerea

“Dry cows, with good numbers on offer, reported a strong trade also while the calves and runners reported a good clearance."

Renewed Northern Ireland interest drives demand at Castlerea

Cows with calves at foot reached a top price of €2010.

Weanling buyers more selective at Castlerea

“Heifers reported no change in prices or trade from last week."

Strong demand for breeding stock at Castlerea

Suckler pairs reached €2,320, while springers topped out at €2,050.

Flying trade for breeding heifers at Castlerea

Plainer, poor-quality calves remained a hard sell.

Firm trade for store and heavy culls at Castlerea

Egan reported that demand was strong for forward-type stores.

Strong demand for quality forward stores at Castlerea

“The bullock and heifer rings noticed the biggest increase in numbers this week,”

Friesian calves sell from €5-€145 at Castlerea

“Extra numbers of bullocks met with a very lively trade, while the heifer and weanling rings are noticing extra buyers also.”