Strong export demand for heavy bulls at Carnew

Beef and store cattle met with improved demand, according to Quinn.

Weanling bulls up €40-€50/hd at Carnew

“The cattle trade was very strong with beef and forward store cattle meeting a brisk trade with strong feedlot demand.”

Heifers sell to €2,220 at Carnew

“The trade was brisk with large attention from feedlots, Northern Ireland and export customers.”

VIDEO: Dry cows and quality stores up €30-€50/head at Carnew

“Dry cows took a very big lift, particularly for the store Friesian cows.” – Quinn

More farmer activity at Carnew

“Factory and feedlot buyers were most active for beef and forward stores” – Quinn

Cull cows up €30-€50/head at Carnew

All cattle improved by €20-€40/head

Up to €1,700 for weanling heifers at Carnew

This LMX heifer – weighing 416kg – sold for €1,700

Friesian bulls sell from €20 to €115 at Carnew

“A strong trade for trade for all types” – Quinn

Dry cows improve by €20-€40/head at Carnew

“Trade was very good with more customers around the ring" - Quinn

More farmer and feedlot buyers at Carnew

“A large entry of quality store cattle meeting an improved demand" - Quinn

‘Slow demand’ for forward cattle at Carnew

"Light Friesian, Hereford and Angus cattle were met with good farmer demand" - Quinn

WATCH: €4,100 for in-calf Angus heifer

Lots sold to an average price of €2,550 at the Tomriland Aberdeen-Angus herd reduction sale.

More farmer and feedlot buyers at Carnew

“Light continental bulls saw a strong demand for export" - Quinn

Pictures: Tomriland Aberdeen-Angus herd reduction sale

The herd was established by Louis Byrne and his wife Chrissie in 1990

'Strong trade' for continental beef and store-types at Carnew

“100 dry cows met a strong demand with a top price of €1,810 paid for a LM weighing 956kg"

Lambs improve by €2/head at Carnew

“A small sale due to ‘Ploughing’ with excellent demand for lambs” – Quinn

WATCH: Weanlings sell from €1.90-€3.20/kg at Carnew

“The quality of weanlings was exceptional with strong export demand" - Quinn