Strong demand for store cattle at Carnaross

"There was a better trade for all cattle at Carnaross Mart this week, especially for in-spec heifers 500kg"

Suck calves sell to €500 at Carnaross

Bullocks sold to €1,700, heifers hit €1,560, dry cows realised €1,215, weanling bulls fetched up to €1,100, weanling heifers made up to €1,060 and suckler pairings reached €1,510.

Heifers hit €1,910 at Carnaross

Bullocks sold to €1,300, dry cows climbed to €1,185 and suck calves ranged from €50-€420. Springers made up to €1,500, weanling bulls realised €1,240 and weanling heifers peaked at €990.

Heifers make up to €1,645 at Carnaross

Bullocks hit €1,620, cull cows topped out at €1,470, suck calves reached €330, weanling bulls made up to €1,065 and weanling heifers realised €980.

Bullocks reach €1,950 at Carnaross

Weanling heifers made up to €1,045, weanling bulls peaked at €1,240, suck calves hit €510, dry cows sold to €1,260 and heifers realised €1,120.