‘Outstanding’ trade at Carnaross Mart’s first virtual calf sale

“The sale was met with strong demand from farmers as well as exporters.”

Steady trade at Carnaross Mart

‘Increasing numbers of fleshed/forward-store cattle appearing’

Strong demand for well-fleshed cattle at Carnaross

“Trade remained good this week despite current beef trade.”

Bullocks reach €1,855 at Carnaross

Heifers hit €1,560, calves peaked at €420, suckler pairings realised €1,640 & dry cows sold to €1,750.

Sharp trade for stores at Carnaross

“Factory feeders were more anxious for heavy, fleshed cattle”

Cull cows up €100-€120/head at Carnaross

There was a lively trade for weanling, with feedlot buyers and live exporters active. All animals sold well, despite current weather conditions.

Northern buyers active at Carnaross

There was very strong demand from farmers for Continental stores, with bullocks hitting over €3/kg. Live exporters and feedlot buyers were also very active.

Dry cows reach €1,650 at Carnaross

Bullocks sold to €1,415, heifers topped out at €1,460, suck calves ranged from €25-€455 and weanlings hit €1,025.

Strong demand for store cattle at Carnaross

"There was a better trade for all cattle at Carnaross Mart this week, especially for in-spec heifers 500kg"

Suck calves sell to €500 at Carnaross

Bullocks sold to €1,700, heifers hit €1,560, dry cows realised €1,215, weanling bulls fetched up to €1,100, weanling heifers made up to €1,060 and suckler pairings reached €1,510.

Heifers hit €1,910 at Carnaross

Bullocks sold to €1,300, dry cows climbed to €1,185 and suck calves ranged from €50-€420. Springers made up to €1,500, weanling bulls realised €1,240 and weanling heifers peaked at €990.

Heifers make up to €1,645 at Carnaross

Bullocks hit €1,620, cull cows topped out at €1,470, suck calves reached €330, weanling bulls made up to €1,065 and weanling heifers realised €980.

Bullocks reach €1,950 at Carnaross

Weanling heifers made up to €1,045, weanling bulls peaked at €1,240, suck calves hit €510, dry cows sold to €1,260 and heifers realised €1,120.