WATCH: What is placentophagy?

Do you allow your cows to eat their afterbirth?

Feature: Paul Lyons - Bó Steel

“There was a certain amount of bomb disposal as well” - Paul Lyons started as a military engineer before creating his own business, Bó Steel

Farmer develops calf earmuffs to protect newborns

The ear muffs are completely adjustable and have a water repellent material on the outside, which keeps the ears dry if it's snowing/raining.

Dairy Update - Milk Recordings, Slurry, Falling yields, Nutrition and more!

First milk recording of the year, heifers calved, slurry spread, diets formulated, falling yields due to the introduction of heifers to the herd, grass protein levels, OAD milking benefits and more discussed.

WATCH: Calf Barrow

A dairy farmer created the Calf Barrow to lift and carry freshly born calves and those up to three weeks of age.

Dairy Update - Milk Recording, Urea, Milk Fever, OAD, Post-grazing cover and more

Milk Recording, OAD milking, Classifying the herd, milk fever, preparing cows for calving, post-grazing cover, urea and selling calves, it is all discussed on this week's Dairy Update, which you can read below!