WATCH - Introducing the Cormac Tagging Tissue Sample Wristband

Have you heard about the Tissue Sample Wristband from Cormac Tagging? Watch the video or read the article below to find out all you need to know.

Being Brilliant at the Basics - Calf Health Check

Interchem Ireland & That's Farming bring you the next episode of Being Brilliant at the Basics - This week it's the Calf Health Check, a must know for every farmer!

Personality Quiz: Are you a Calving Expert?

With Calving just around the corner on many farms, check out this quiz!

Dairy Update: Top Tips For Housing Calves!

On this week's Dairy update, we look at some useful tips when housing calves.

Dairy Update: Three things you need to do after calving

This week's Dairy Update may just save a calves life at this time of year. Read it and stay ahead of the curve.

Dairy Update: Calves and Milk Replacer

In the next Dairy Update, we look into feeding your new calves, and how to know if your milk replacer is good quality:

Women in Ag: Meet Eva, a Cattle Expert in NZ and Ireland!

At just 20 years old, Eva has worked abroad and at home while studying the effects of seaweed as cattle feed:

Farmers Diary: Waterbelly a strange and deadly condition

Heard of waterbelly? Neither had John until last week.

UK vegan Ad campaign causes uproar

A recent animals rights advert in the UK has been approved by the Advertising Standards Agency

Best of the Week - Funnier videos you will not find!

On this week's Best of the Week, we have some of the funniest videos form the week....And they are funny!

Friday Funnies: Don't have a cow man!

On this week's Friday Funnies, we stick to the Cow theme. Let me tell you, we haven't milked it, its hilarious!!

Kilkenny Mart Report May 8th

Trade improves greatly in Kilkenny this week, with spring lambs making prices of up to €122 per head.

Farmers Diary: New life amongst death

Farming is a way of life and sometimes it can be a great solace when human tragedy strikes.

Vets Corner: Cryptosporidium the unruly enemy

This week Tommy's dealing with crypto a major problem for any farmer. Here he outlines how to deal with crypto in a special one to one video.

A miracle in Mayo!

Following last months miracle Quads in Clare, there was a little miracle in Co Mayo with the delivery of healthy triplets on Monday!