Video: Being Brilliant at the Basics – Calf Comfort

Interchem Ireland and That’s Farming bring you the next episode of Being Brilliant at the Basics and this week we’re covering calf comfort.

Dairy Update: Calf Diseases and how to prevent them

With newborns arriving every day, we give some tips on diseases in calves and how to prevent them.

Calf shot dead by intruders

A calf has died after it was shot by an intruder on a farm on Sunday.

'I was made for loving Moo'

This calf looks exactly like famous Kiss Rockstar, Gene Simmons, and the story is just weirder! Picture courtesy of

Thats farming best of the week

Have we found the new David Attenborough? or his poorer fist cousin?

Friday Funnies "Puck off'

Saoirse Gill was out helping her uncle Oisin this week, she mightn't be too keen next week!

Young Farmer Series: Darren the AI Tech & Fulltime Farmer

As part of our Young Farmer series, we chat to Darren, who works on his Cork dairy farm while working as an AI technician too:

Group of legends deliver calf on the side of the road

We're calling it the Spanish miracle!