Diesel prices set for further rises

It has been reported, that diesel and petrol prices will be proposed for an increase in Budget 2018.

Budget 2017 the rumours and what we have heard and read.

Its budget day and we bring you what we know and have heard before the Minister presents today.

IFA Priorities: Short-Term Farm Income Support & Long-Term Volatility Measures

As talks of Budget 2017 begin to bubble up once again, take a closer look at what the IFA is striving for this year.

Irish Farming in 2015: The Year in Review

As 2015 draws to a close, there’s plenty to reflect on. It’s been a big year for farming in Ireland, so take a look at the top news stories of the last 12 months!

Budget 2016 Rundown

The Government announced the Budget yesterday, with tax credits for farmers and decreases in the Universal Social Charge among the policies introduced.