More farmers operating at Castlerea

Improved demand for weanlings and younger stock - Egan

Improved trade for better-quality heifers at Castlerea

In the weanling rings, demand was strongest for quality lots

Strong export demand at Castlerea

Forward, plainer-type lots were a tougher trade

Steady trade for quality stores at Castlerea

More activity in weanling rings, according to Egan

Suckler pairings hit €1,910 at Castlerea

'Both the bullock and heifer rings recorded good clearances with some fancy prices paid for quality lots'

Prices improve by €20-€30/head at Castlerea

900 cattle were presented for sale on Thursday, with good clearance recorded in all rings.

Trade remains strong at Castlerea

“A good attendance of buyers presents for all categories of stock on offer” – Egan

Dry cows make over €2/kg at Castlerea

Farmers, agents, feedlot purchasers and exporters were out in force.

Strong export demand for weanlings at Castlerea

“Despite the recent inclement weather conditions, trade remained firm for all categories of stock on offer” – Brendan Egan

Farmers, agents and exporters active for stores at Castlerea

“Suck calves and runners also reported good clearances with some exporters in attendance for the suck calves on offer” – Brendan Egan

Largest sale to date this year at Castlerea

“Breeding stock, in particular, and quality stores for further feeding recorded some very fancy prices, while bullocks met with stronger demand” – Brendan Egan

Prices continue to strengthen for quality weanlings at Castlerea

“The increased numbers of suck calves recorded a good clearance with a big variance in price between the plainer lots and the better-quality ones” – Egan

Lively trade for forward-stores at Castlerea

“The cow trade remained firm this week while the calf ring reported a better trade this week with better quality lots on offer and increased demand evident”

Calves make from €5 to €285 at Castlerea

“The calf ring witnessed increased numbers this week with a variance in price between the better-quality types and the plainer lots” – Brendan Egan

Northern buyers active at Castlerea

“Improved farmer activity this week, as well as feedlots agents and Northern customers, led to an improved trade this week, resulting in a good clearance" - Brendan Egan

Smaller entry at Castlerea due to inclement weather

“Bullocks and Heifers were similar in price to previous weeks while the weanlings are steadily increasing in price with the top-quality calves recording fancy prices” – Brendan Egan.

Trade improves for better-quality weanlings at Castlerea

Thursday’s sale attracted a good attendance of customers and a slightly larger entry of cattle, according to Brendan Egan. Good clearances were recorded in the bullock and heifer rings.

Farmers and feedlot agents active at Castlerea

“Prices and trade were similar to the previous week with demand strongest for the quality lots on offer” - Brendan Egan