Going for Goats - Nigerian Dwarf goat

This week on ‘Going for Goats’ we have yet another dwarf breed, this time hailing from Africa, it’s the Nigerian Dwarf goat. Picture - babygoatsandfriends.com.

Going for Goats: The Beetal

The Beetal breed originates in the Punjab and Haryana regions of India and Pakistan and to say they are unique-looking would be an understatement. Read all about the breed below!

Weird Cow Breeds: The White Park - The bovine breed of Irish Mythology.

On this week’s Weird Cow breeds, we are looking into the rare breed that dates back over 2,000 years, the White Park.

Weird Cow Breeds: The Ankole- Watusi

On this week's weird cow breed segment we profile the illusive Ankole-Watusi, the cow with the huge horns.

Weird cow breeds from around the world: The mighty Gaur

We profile one of the rarest bovine species in the world, the Gaur. 

How much do you know about Ireland's Black Face sheep?

How well do you know Ireland's Black Face sheep breed? Put your knowledge to the test!