Opinion: The view from Brazil

Geoff Dooley chair of Nuffield Ireland shares his thoughts on the Brazil beef scandal after his recent trip to the Latin American country.

7 simple reasons why Irish beef is the best

In the wake of the Brazil meat scandal we thought we might take a moment to remember why Irish beef is the best.

Poll Results: 97% want Brazilian beef banned from EU

The people have spoken and spoken loudly with 97% of polled voters calling for a ban of Brazilian beef from the EU.

Farming groups and TD’s unite in call for Brazilian beef to be banned

Farming groups including the ICSA, ICMSA and TD’s have called for an immediate ban on Brazilian beef following the revelations of the rotten meat scandal.

Opinion: Get this crap out of Europe: Brazilian beef must go

It's time to pick sides and we need to support our beef farmers and let the world know that Brazilian beef is crap.