WATCH: Selling Galloway beef direct to consumers

The Condons have access to some 2,000-acres of commonage

WATCH: Farming Belted Galloway cattle on marginal land

“With the way that the economic model for beef farming is gone, there isn’t necessarily a value in always having more"

Potential new markets for Belted Galloway Beef

Pedigree steers have carcass weights of 280-320 kgs at 28-30-months and heifers can kill-out at 260-300kgs at 24-28-months. Cross-breds can achieve carcass weights up to 360kgs under 30-months.

Game of Thrones turns the fortunes of Armagh farmer around

The hit TV show hasn't just wowed audiences worldwide its also helped one Armagh man keep his family farm afloat.

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