‘I don’t think the protests are going to make any major impact on prices’

Opinion: 'Farmers who have cattle ready to kill are going to have to bring them to the factory'

Beef Update: Repairing silage equipment and dosing

‘We are already up on silage from last year so we shouldn't have to buy in any for the winter’

Beef Update: Saving hay, castrating bulls and rainfall

‘We’ve never had so much silage in the yards’

Beef Update: Culling cows and purchasing bull weanlings

Spreading slurry and fertiliser, dehorning calves, new mineral buckets, separating bullocks and more!

Beef Update: Good grass growth and dosing cattle

Silage 2019, topping, spreading fertiliser and slurry, an on-farm event, beef prices and more!

Beef Update: Closing off silage fields and spreading dung

Purchasing and dehorning calves, dosing cows, spreading fertiliser and preparing for ‘Silage 2019’.

Beef Update: Factory prices increase

Purchasing a new weighing scales, calving comes to a close, preparing for first-cut silage and more!

Beef Update: ‘We are at the mercy of the factories’

Failing to get cattle killed, re-housing suckler pairings, collecting breeding heifers, spreading fertiliser, building a new shed and more.

Beef Update: Turning cattle out to grass and purchasing pedigree heifers

Improved ground and weather conditions, spreading urea, calving, AI’ing heifers, dismantling old fences, sourcing hay and more.

Beef Update: Low silage reserves, agitating slurry and strip-grazing bullocks

We are running low on silage so we are letting as many animals as possible out to grass, writes Michael Danagher. Other jobs this week include tagging calves, collecting hay and dairy calves.

Beef Update: Signing-up for the BEEP scheme, a C-Section and new sheds

Calving, winning Wicklow Calf Company’s milk replacer competition, turning out store heifers, selling stock at the mart and more!

Beef Update: A new stock bull, calving and preparing for a herd test

Letting cows in with calves for two-hours in the morning and evening, fattening 24-month-old heifers, replacing old water troughs, dosing stock and ordering fertiliser.

Beef Update: Calving, selling suckler pairings and castrating bulls

We weaned the last of the calves we bought in; they are the last calves we will ever rear on the farm due to the high cost involved with buying and rearing them, writes Michael Danagher.

Beef Update: Purchasing straw, selling bulls and calving

Dosing, introducing concentrates to the diet, exercising cows prior to calving, getting ready to spread dung and woodchip as a bedding material - check out Michael Danagher's update!

Beef Update: Factories booked out and surprise twin calves

Slaughtering cull cows and heifers due to a lack of shed space, preparing for calving, clipping and treating lice, cleaning sheds and out-wintering stock.

Beef Update: Grazing forage rape, dosing and out-wintering stock

Aaron purchased 130 straw bales for €3,250 meaning that his bill has doubled in two years. Michael purchased heifers and bulls ranging from 200-250kgs.

Beef Update: Green Cert exams, purchasing Fleckvieh heifers and grazing stock

Every Breath gears up to return to the track; selling heifers; moving cattle indoors and a new head gate and floodlights - read more here.