“There is definitely an opening for a grass-fed Irish veal”

“As the dairy herd grows, more calves will be coming on stream and they are flooding factories; if you could put these into veal production, they are gone out of the system at 9-months"

“We need transparency in our industry” – Beef Plan Group

Beef Plan is calling for farmer training to inspect and grade carcass trimming and classification, the same way in which factory employees have been trained under Department guidance.

“There is nothing to stop us from processing our own beef”

Beef Plan Group has announced its intentions to establish its own co-operatives to slaughter and market its own beef.

ETTG: Cashel Mart, Beef Plan Group and replacing cows with trees

“We have to stick together, otherwise there’s no future for beef farmers" – beef farmers express their anger at low cattle prices and red tape.

Beef Plan calls for removal of 70-day pre-slaughter movement restrictions

"It is an anti-competitive tool which hinders the sale of factory-fit stock in marts, these same marts are fighting for survival"

“Only for the contracting business, we simply wouldn’t be suckler farming”

We sent a total of 22 bullocks to the factory this week and had to take a base price of €3.75/kg in comparison to a base price of €4.15 in 2017, writes Jamie Hayes.

"Let's put it up to these people who have been crushing us for years"

"A lot of the vested interests have been throwing the kitchen sink at us to try and stop us, but we beef farmers have the bit between our teeth now and will not be stopped"

“Farmers have been robbed of the true value of their cattle”

"The amount of illegal trimming is an open-ended question; the loss could easily be any figure from €1-€300" - Beef Plan Group (2018-2025).

Beef Update: Anger over beef price cuts and joining Beef Plan Group

The countdown to Christmas begins; housing stock; finishing diets; selling bullocks and store heifers; recording data using Herdwatch and weighing cattle.