Beef Update: Fibrosis of the udder and turnout continues

Calving, spreading fertiliser, power-washing and disinfecting sheds, replacing old barriers and more!

Beef Update: Turning cattle out, bloat and vaccinating stock

Breeding females showing signs of heat, purchasing, tagging and registering calves, dosing bullocks, spreading fertiliser, rolling land and more.

Beef Update: Turning cattle out to grass and purchasing pedigree heifers

Improved ground and weather conditions, spreading urea, calving, AI’ing heifers, dismantling old fences, sourcing hay and more.

Beef Update: Re-housing stock, tail painting and purchasing replacements

Castrating bulls, calving, repairing machinery, purchasing stock, poor ground and weathers conditions and more!

Beef Update: Re-housing stock and a new pre-calving feeding strategy

Earmarking replacement heifers, the arrival of snow, finishing heifers, calving, collecting hay bales, purchasing calves and building a new shed – see more here.

Potential new markets for Belted Galloway Beef

Pedigree steers have carcass weights of 280-320 kgs at 28-30-months and heifers can kill-out at 260-300kgs at 24-28-months. Cross-breds can achieve carcass weights up to 360kgs under 30-months.

Certified Irish Moiled Beef scheme to be launched

“The beef itself has a distinct beefy flavour that throws peoples taste buds back to times past. The beef is well-marbled and tender it eats well and coats the mouth with a unique buttery taste"

Poll: Should suckler farmers receive a payment if their heifer calves before 30-months?

ICSA is proposing a payment of €80/calved suckler herd provided that they calve before 30-months. “It reduces the amount of dry heifers walking around a farm that are unproductive"

"It costs between €60-€100/year to keep a Galloway suckler cow"

The Galloway Cattle Society is establishing a producer group to market its own beef - "Galloway beef is a premium product and is very highly rated in Scotland, with most of the beef going to high-end restaurants in London"

“We need transparency in our industry” – Beef Plan Group

Beef Plan is calling for farmer training to inspect and grade carcass trimming and classification, the same way in which factory employees have been trained under Department guidance.