Potential new markets for Belted Galloway Beef

Pedigree steers have carcass weights of 280-320 kgs at 28-30-months and heifers can kill-out at 260-300kgs at 24-28-months. Cross-breds can achieve carcass weights up to 360kgs under 30-months.

Certified Irish Moiled Beef scheme to be launched

“The beef itself has a distinct beefy flavour that throws peoples taste buds back to times past. The beef is well-marbled and tender it eats well and coats the mouth with a unique buttery taste"

Poll: Should suckler farmers receive a payment if their heifer calves before 30-months?

ICSA is proposing a payment of €80/calved suckler herd provided that they calve before 30-months. “It reduces the amount of dry heifers walking around a farm that are unproductive"

"It costs between €60-€100/year to keep a Galloway suckler cow"

The Galloway Cattle Society is establishing a producer group to market its own beef - "Galloway beef is a premium product and is very highly rated in Scotland, with most of the beef going to high-end restaurants in London"

“We need transparency in our industry” – Beef Plan Group

Beef Plan is calling for farmer training to inspect and grade carcass trimming and classification, the same way in which factory employees have been trained under Department guidance.

Factory paying €5.50/kg for suitable steers

A contract exists for grass-fed Dexter steers that are under 30-months, from Bord Bia Quality-Assured herds and birth notified with the society.

“Beef farming was never a profit-making system”

Suckler cow numbers are declining rapidly and unless the sector is protected, Ireland will have no quality beef left in the country, writes Michael Danagher.

“There is nothing to stop us from processing our own beef”

Beef Plan Group has announced its intentions to establish its own co-operatives to slaughter and market its own beef.

Beef Plan Group encourages farmers to request images of cattle slaughtered

“As these images are taken before the carcass reaches the factory scales, they are at that point still the property of the farmer and he or she is entitled under law to those images”

"Let's put it up to these people who have been crushing us for years"

"A lot of the vested interests have been throwing the kitchen sink at us to try and stop us, but we beef farmers have the bit between our teeth now and will not be stopped"

Beef Update: Purchasing straw, selling bulls and calving

Dosing, introducing concentrates to the diet, exercising cows prior to calving, getting ready to spread dung and woodchip as a bedding material - check out Michael Danagher's update!

WATCH: Padraig Brady - Beef Trial

Pádraig Brady's bulls (includes 8 FR) achieved 1.82kg/day over 90 days using 'pot ale', a feed wagon and Kiernan Milling's Hi-Maize Mix. The bulls had an average carcass weight of 406.76kg.

Beef Update: Factories booked out and surprise twin calves

Slaughtering cull cows and heifers due to a lack of shed space, preparing for calving, clipping and treating lice, cleaning sheds and out-wintering stock.

WATCH: Achieving 2.59kg over 110 days using potatoes & a High-Maize Mix

The bulls had an average carcass weight of 474.43kg and were of U grade conformation, returning a fat class of 3=.

“Farmers have been robbed of the true value of their cattle”

"The amount of illegal trimming is an open-ended question; the loss could easily be any figure from €1-€300" - Beef Plan Group (2018-2025).

Beef Update: Green Cert exams, purchasing Fleckvieh heifers and grazing stock

Every Breath gears up to return to the track; selling heifers; moving cattle indoors and a new head gate and floodlights - read more here.