Covid-19 influences prices at Baltinglass

30-40kg entries made between €82 and €112

Strong trade for lambs at Baltinglass

Strong demand led to a full clearance.

Forward-store lambs up €3-€6/hd at Baltinglass

Cast ewes pushed from €80-€130, while ewes with lambs at foot sold from €145-€230.

Sheep trade improves at Baltinglass

“Ewes with lambs at foot are starting to come out and they made from €160 up to €220 for a family.”

Cast ewes peak at €125 at Baltinglass

Trade was similar to the previous week.

'Brisk' trade at Baltinglass Mart’s 45th annual show and sale of males

"George Candler, kept everyone on their toes with his unique people skills, selling technique and wit.”

Lambs reach €126 at Baltinglass

Coleman reported a “much-improved trade for all sorts”.

Lambs up €1-€2/hd at Baltinglass

Coleman said that cast ewes were also dearer by €2-€4/head.

Complete clearance at Baltinglass

Cast ewes sold to €130, while heavy lambs reached €120

Strong demand for sheep at Baltinglass

Fat lambs reached €117, while stores topped out at €82

All lambs up by €3-€4/head at Baltinglass

Cast ewes improved by €2-€3/head, according to a spokesperson

Store lambs improve by €2-€3/head at Baltinglass

Suffolk-cross ewe lambs met with a “strong trade”

Sheep up €2-€4/head at Baltinglass

“Breeding ewes were a strong trade particularly for 2 and 3-year-olds.” – spokesperson

2,000 sheep on offer at Baltinglass

There was a steady trade at Saturday's sheep sale, according to a spokesperson

Heavy lambs easier by €1 - €2/head at Baltinglass

"Store lambs were in good demand and were a very steady trade."