Store lambs improve by €1-€4/head

'A much bigger sale with store lambs meeting a very strong trade'

Stores lambs improve by €2-€4/head at Baltinglass

'Our 35th Annual Sheep Breeders' Show and Sale turned out very successful and met with a near-complete clearance'

Strong trade for store lambs at Baltinglass

“Heavy factory and butcher lambs were similar to last week"

Store lambs improve by €2-€5/head at Baltinglass

Butcher and factory lambs were easier than previous weeks.

Store lambs improve by €1 - €3/head at Baltinglass

Butcher and factory were lambs were steady at Baltinglass

More farmer customers at Baltinglass

Lambs went under the hammer for €105 while ewes hit €131

Numbers ease at Baltinglass as field work takes priority

"A good trade for all sorts but prices were slightly back on the previous week."

Trade remains steady at Baltinglass

Ewes with lambs at foot made from €130 to €200, while cast ewes pushed from €75 up to €115.

Spring lambs easier by €7-€12/head at Baltinglass

Spring lambs sold to €110, while hoggets hit €114 & cast ewes peaked at €128.

Farmers active for quality stores at Baltinglass

There was strong demand for all types at its cattle sale, while Spring lambs reached €130 and cast ewes peaked at €134.

Cast ewes improve by €2-€4/head at Baltinglass

“Ewes with lambs at foot had a lot of farmer interest and sold well" - Tom Coleman

Cattle improve by €10 - €30/head at Baltinglass

A good show of quality cattle met with an improved trade, while heavy hoggets improved by €4-€6/head at Saturday's sale.

Strong trade for store bullocks and heifers at Baltinglass

There was a very strong and improved trade for all cattle while cast ewes improved by up to €5/head.

Lambs improve by €2-€4/head at Baltinglass

Lambs – weighing 50kgs – topped out at €123, while in-lamb lambs ewes realised €240 and cast ewes hit €110. Better-quality cattle improved by €30-€40/head.

Sheep easier by €2-€3/head at Baltinglass

There was some good value for store lamb buyers, according to the manager. Beef and forward store cattle met with an improved trade last Wednesday.

Brisk trade for store lambs at Baltinglass

In-lamb ewes hit €150, while cast ewes sold to €115 and lambs topped out at €120. There was a good attendance of store buyers at Wednesday’s cattle sale, with a smaller entry on offer.