Keen demand for all types at Ballymote

A spokesperson reported a strong trade for all stock.

Ringside and online bidding at Ballymote

There was noticeable demand for quality, heavy continental dry cows, quality weanling and maiden heifers, according to a spokesperson.

‘Strong’ demand at Ballymote’s online cattle sale

Cull cows topped out at €1,710, while bullocks hit €1,240.

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Quiz: Cattle prices at Ballymote Mart

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More customers for ewe lambs at Ballymote

'There was a strong entry of stock with a stronger tone to the factory-type lamb'

Over 1,050 lots on offer at Ballymote

“The largest entry of sheep this year; a strong demand for store lambs'

Ewe lambs reach €172 at Ballymote

“The lamb trade, in general, was not as sharp as last week; trade for cull ewes remained strong.”

An excellent entry of dry cows at Ballymote

Heifers pushed from €280 - €600 over, while lambs sold from €45 - €59 over

Strong trade for lambs at Ballymote

'It was the biggest sale of the year so far'