More customers for ewe lambs at Ballymote

'There was a strong entry of stock with a stronger tone to the factory-type lamb'

Over 1,050 lots on offer at Ballymote

“The largest entry of sheep this year; a strong demand for store lambs'

Ewe lambs reach €172 at Ballymote

“The lamb trade, in general, was not as sharp as last week; trade for cull ewes remained strong.”

An excellent entry of dry cows at Ballymote

Heifers pushed from €280 - €600 over, while lambs sold from €45 - €59 over

Strong trade for lambs at Ballymote

'It was the biggest sale of the year so far'

Strong demand for quality lots at Ballymote

“A sharper lamb trade with keen demand for the stock on offer.”

'Strong trade' at Ballymote

Heifers sold to €685 over, weanling bulls topped out at €600 over and dry cows made up to €510 over

Cull ewes reach €144 at Ballymote

Hoggets hit €118, while lambs peaked at €118 - see the full report here.

UK buyers drive heifer trade at Ballymote

"Some excellent quality lots on offer with prices to match; demand was strong for breeding and feeding types with some bought for export to the UK"