Cull cows peak at €1,550 at Ballyjamesduff

Bullocks reached €1,500, heifers hit €1,450 and weanling heifers topped out at €1,095

Cull cows make €1,700 at Ballyjamesduff

Bullocks sold to €1,590, heifers made to €1,295 and calves hit €310.

€1,675 for suckler pairings at Ballyjamesduff

Bullocks reached €1,430, heifers hit €1,450 and breeding bulls peaked at €1,710.

Calf makes €600 at Ballyjamesduff

Sellers took advantage of the brisk trade for quality lots, according to John Telvin.

More farmer customers at Ballyjamesduff

Suckler pairings reached €2,030, calves hit €470, stock bulls made up to €1,800 and cull cows peaked at €1,535

A good trade for cull cows in Ballyjamesduff

A LM - 780kg went under the hammer for €1720, while weanling heifers reached €725

Bulls sell to €2,020 at Ballyjamesduff

Suckler pairings hit €1,920, cull cows made up to €1540 and calves reached €495.

Bulls sell to €2,350 at Ballyjamesduff

“Farmers were in a confident mood with an exciting trade for stock,” - Tevlin

Northern customers active at Ballyjamesduff

“Suck calves were a super trade selling to €535 and the better-quality weanlings made over €3.00/kg.”

Bulls reach €2,500 at Ballyjamesduff

Some 1,000 entries passed through the ring, according to Tevlin.

Cull cows hit €1,015 over at Ballyjamesduff

“Northern customers completed with Dublin feedlots”

Breeding heifers reach €1,530 at Ballyjamesduff

Pictures and Prices: Northern customers and ‘grass buyers’ were active.

‘A seller’s market’ at Ballyjamesduff

‘Grass buyers’ competed with Northern customers

‘Factory supplies seem to have tightened’ – Tevlin

“A large sale with over €1,000,000 worth of stock on offer at Ballyjamesduff”

‘Super spring trade’ at Ballyjamesduff

“A large number of cattle were purchased by Northern customers again this week” - Tevlin

Sharp trade for cattle at Ballyjamesduff

Northern buyers were very active according to John Tevlin. Bullocks hit €1,760, heifers sold to €1,465, cull cows peaked at €1,530 and calves ranged from €5-€440.

Dairy stock sell to €1,800 at Ballyjamesduff

Calves sold from €10-€325, weanling heifers realised €1,260, bullocks hit €1,500 while heifers sold to €1,445 and dry cows climbed to €1,490.

Dairy cows sell to €1,680 at Ballyjamesduff

Northern customers were active at the sale; bullocks hit €1,850, heifers peaked at €1,545, dry cows made up to €1,670 and a stock bull fetched €2,800.