Dry cows sell to €1,615 at Ballinrobe

“A big sheep sale for the sale of the year with the trade almost identical to the previous week"

Demand outstrips supply at Ballinrobe

“Again, there were plenty of customers around the ring to bid for stock" - McGuire

Numbers start to fall at Ballinrobe

Trade was similar to previous week, as quality remains king

Improved trade for light stores at Ballinrobe

“Trade is remaining reasonably positive" - McGuire

Heavy and plain cattle a tough sell at Ballinrobe

Trade was “sharp” for quality stock, according to McGuire

Cull cows reach €1,560 at Ballinrobe

“Monday weanling sales are attracting big numbers with little or no trouble with trade" - McGuire

Stronger cattle a harder sell at Ballinrobe

Light to forward stores were a steady trade, according to McGuire

Dry cows reach €1,335 at Ballinrobe

“A much bigger sale with a very obvious increase in demand all-round” - McGuire

Heifers reach €1,400 at Ballinrobe

“Despite the continuing difficulties with farming, there was a 100% clearance” - McGuire

2,000 sheep on offer at Ballinrobe

'With a huge amount of customers around, there was up in a 100 % clearance'

Weanling bulls sell to €2.96/kg at Ballinrobe

'Cattle numbers were again similar to the previous weeks; sheep numbers are continuing to increase weekly'

Weanlings sell to €2.11/kg at Ballinrobe

Heifers sold to €2.20/kg, bullocks hit €2.22/kg and dry cows topped out at €1.76/kg.

Weanling bulls reach €1.90/kg at Ballinrobe

'Cattle numbers were similar to the previous sale, while sheep numbers are continuing to increase'

Heifers sell to €1,310 at Ballinrobe

Bullocks sold to €1,265, weanlings peaked at €945 and cull cows reached €1,560.

Heifers sell to €1,430 at Ballinrobe

Trade held well, especially for quality lots; bullocks hit €1,285, dry cows realised €1,565 and suckler pairings peaked at €1,480.

Store lambs achieved €75 - €90 at Ballinrobe

Factory lambs pushed from €90.00 to €110.00, while heifers hit €2.36/kg