Full clearance at Ballinrobe

“Another big November sale of cattle in Ballinrobe on Wednesday last, with again, the emphasis on quality" - McGuire

Bullocks peak at €1,430 at Ballinrobe

“With favourable weather conditions and lots of customers around, there was a fine trade” - McGuire

Solid export demand for weanlings at Ballinrobe

“There was a huge sale of weanling bulls which was well attended by export customers resulting in a seriously good trade all-round especially for the average-type calf”

Good demand for stock at Ballinrobe

Heifers sold to €2.52/kg, bullocks peaked at €2.70/kg, weanling heifers hit €3.12/kg, weanling bulls made up to €3.26/kg and dry cows topped out at €1.75/kg.

Strong farmer demand for quality stores at Ballinrobe

“There was a noticeable demand for quality stores especially from farmers with an exceptional amount of grass for this time of year” – Tom McGuire

Vibrant cattle trade despite adverse weather at Ballinrobe

Atrocious weather conditions hampered the number of sheep and cattle on offer at the venue; sheep numbers were similar to the previous week with a good number of customers present.

Ballinrobe mart has heifers at €1335

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Big Cattle sale in Ballinrobe with huge amount of farmers present.

Fine trade was had in Ballinrobe this week with a top price of €1,030 for a weanling heifer. Sheep sales see improvement in trade.

Ballinrobe has suck calves at €370

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